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Neighborly Noise Complaints

Disclaimer: TMI WARNINGS. TMI WARNINGS. T. M. I. Warnings! Remember that neighbor that I’ve surely mentioned in a couple of blogs?You know the one that mysteriously seemed to hate me for no reason other that whatever reasons he probably has that are unbeknownst to me? Well.He now officially has a reason to hate me asContinue reading “Neighborly Noise Complaints”

TMI – The Libido-switch

It’s been 38 days, 20 hours, 12 minutes and some random configuration of seconds ago. Not that I was counting. But I used to be counting, and I am definitely counting now. Because I stopped counting. If that makes sense (it probably doesn’t). First of all – a TMI warning. This particular blog is goingContinue reading “TMI – The Libido-switch”