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Welcome welcome, one and all. To the only blog about. Well. Me.

Very Dutch. Very single. And very determined to put pen to paper on whatever topic comes to mind (although granted – that’s usually the topic of love in all it’s ways, shapes, forms and painful consequences).

In fast approach to the catlady life but very much looking forward to all the fuzzy creatures and cuddles that might entail. In the meantime – engrossed in a career in IT. Ever on the hunt for that homerun as a softball lover. And unapologetically just…me.

There’s a certain magic in writing that I’ve always appreciated. When your thoughts and concepts come to life on paper (or screens) – they gain a sort of strength they would not otherwise have. They gain the power to change, to influence. The power to move and improve. ‘Your’ words suddenly allow you access into those of others – and grow into more than they were when you kept them inside.

I’ve been writing for as long as I remember. Poetry (oh dear!) and songs. Short stories and (attempts at) books. Reviews, (work) newsletters, magazine content and sports hoopla. There’s been entire websites, and postings to blog…after blog….after blog. It’s an outlet I need to avoid getting caught up in thoughts that have a tendency to pile up into an twisted mess that can no longer be understood. And the best way (for me) to share of myself with the world.

Because the thing about writing – at least, when you do it publicly – is that it invites the possibility for new perspectives, and in that: growth.

Once you start showing the world how you act and react to your surroundings – the people in it will hand you (their) different (and maybe better) perspectives on how to conduct yourself around them. They will show you ways to think about things differently than before, so that you can find new paths around obstacles you though couldn’t possibly be conquered.

And I like having the power to create this portal for learning and discussion on a personal level – one that is often overlooked in the grand scheme of the greater things in life.

Plus – this need to share works both ways, if you ask me. Not only does writing about my life give me the chance to feel less alone in my world (which instantly happens once content is recognizable to others) – it helps me to also make others feel less alone in theirs (hopefully). And even on the days that I write things that make no sense to others – I still feel like I might be helping them see new ways, or at least be helped to change mine. It’s a win-win all around.

The words I love

She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.

R.M Drake

She was a storm.
Not the kind you run from.
The kind you chase.

R.H. Sin

Love is the most beautiful of dreams – and the worst of nightmares.

Aman Jassal

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