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What was your name again?

To all those folk who ever doubted me – or might ever doubt you:

So I would never get nowhere?
Said I would never find my place
Told me I would be forgotten
What was your name again?
So I wasn’t ever good enough?
Said I didn’t amount to much
Told me I wasn’t all that special
What was your name again?
Thought I wasn’t all I needed to be
Felt that you were probably right
Knew that I could never be enough
But wait
What was your name again?
Because I know the name I carry
And I carry it with pride
I grew up to be all I needed to be
And for the life of me
I can’t remember
What was your name again?

15 thoughts on “What was your name again?

  1. Always Remember
    And Value The Names

    Of My


    For All There

    Doubts Translated

    Into Two Words I Will

    Yep Do As i Wilt Works

    They Are Welcome

    To Trail

    In All My “Fairy Dust”

    – Peter Pan
    Never Lands
    In This Never
    Ending Story

    Never Any Lost Boy 👦

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  2. Zoe! I appreciate the encouragement you gave in “what was your name again?” very empowering to tell all those who “thought” that you wouldn’t be anything yeah now watch me soar.

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  3. Oh My! I loved this so much! Cracked me up. Takes back to my motto: “Not everybody likes you, but not everybody matters!!”. Or – “Some people are Not Worthy of your time.”! I’m loving your poetry – More Please!
    xoxox 💕💖😊🌹🌹

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