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Fuzzy bellies

One of life’s mysteries has been the topic of conversation with me and my friends today. You know, the kind of mystery that has been around forever but you never got around to solving, right? So. Now that we’ve concluded that we cannot find any decisive and undeniably correct reason….it is time to ask youContinue reading “Fuzzy bellies”

What was your name again?

To all those folk who ever doubted me – or might ever doubt you: So I would never get nowhere?Said I would never find my place Told me I would be forgottenWaitWhat was your name again?  So I wasn’t ever good enough?Said I didn’t amount to much Told me I wasn’t all that specialWaitWhat wasContinue reading “What was your name again?”

Same mistakes

I had a talk with my manager today about my progress and learning curve in my new job. It was a good talk. Way more positive than I’d pictured it beforehand (damn impostor syndrome) and a great clarification on my results these past few months. You see – when it comes to my new endeavorsContinue reading “Same mistakes”

Some peace and…clarity?

Is that too much to ask? Somehow I think I missed an exit somewhere to the great barren land of isolation that my grandma (and pretty much the entire world of blogging) seems to have wandered into since the descent of ‘the big C’. Because as it currently stands, I am busier than ever. MoreContinue reading “Some peace and…clarity?”