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Two days this week. Two days that I got to dress in normal clothes. Put on normal (instead of bad lighting and Microsoft Teams) make-up. And speak to normal (relatively 😈😈), actual, real life people. It’s kinda shocking how ‘odd’ that feels after the year we’ve had. And how much I did-not-hate having to getContinue reading “Peeptoes”

Just a bit OCD.

There’s too many labels in this world. Fact. We have become so adept at diagnosing the fuck out of all of our quirks, tics and odd behaviors that it is possible to place anyone on some spectrum or other, no problem whatsoever. These days…it has become almost impossible to be completely healthy, or normal, anymore.Continue reading “Just a bit OCD.”


Me and my demons are intimately acquainted. I spent a good long while hunting them all down. Getting to know their ways. Learning their names. Hearing their stories and listening to their whispers. I found the places they dwell, the nooks and crannies where they hide. I’ve discovered their purposes and their preferences. Know theContinue reading “Demons”