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Out of Touch

There’s been moments these past few lockdown-y months that I’ve had short episodes of extreme selfpity. To be expected, surely, and probably not a surprise to anyone. We all have these, in our lives, no matter how hard we try to hide and deny them – but I’ve never really believed in avoiding the hardContinue reading “Out of Touch”

Wishing for a White Christmas

This year I’m actually looking forward to snowy weather, even though it’s looking like we might not be getting any for December (although I swear I can smell snow in the air right now, even though the weather forecast says it’s not happening).  We’ll see who’s better in predicting the weather, eh? (My bet’s onContinue reading “Wishing for a White Christmas”

Alone – and maybe a little lonely?

The umpteenth rewatch of Burlesque this weekend brought me back around once more to a quote by god-knows-who (it’s been milked so much):‘I may be alone, but I’m not lonely’. And never before has it probably felt more true than in this year of corona-maddened 2020. Because this has suddenly become a harsh reality forContinue reading “Alone – and maybe a little lonely?”