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Play your cards right

It could have been so different.It should have been so different.My heart knows it. My soul believes it.It is nothing but a solemn truth. If only the world had been different.If only we had been different.They knew it. We never believed it.But it was always an undeniable truth. If only it had been a differentContinue reading “Play your cards right”

Heart-body Connections?

Interesting factoids have always been one of my favorite things to ‘know‘. Trivia that might be slightly useless in daily goings-on but that are mightily interesting to drop in a casual conversation. So when I opened James’ World today and read the list of info he’d compiled, I was obviously delighted. Mostly because a lotContinue reading “Heart-body Connections?”

Deal-breakers. Questionmark.

No more tree date for me. Shocker. I’m not expecting to hear any gasps of surprise. Shocker number two. That fact has me both a bit annoyed and saddened, I guess. Plus, a little on the fence about whether I should even write this post, considering who might be reading along. But then I figureContinue reading “Deal-breakers. Questionmark.”

Shelving the ‘book of him’.

Lyrics:I’m gonna give you what you wanted, but my heart will never stop.Tell you that I’m fine even though I’m not.You’re gonna know for the rest of your life that this is true:I’m never getting over you.I won’t pretend that I won’t find someone elseYou’ll be a closed book sitting there on the shelfI’ll neverContinue reading “Shelving the ‘book of him’.”