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‘I SO desperately need to lose weight!’ Above phrase has been a part of my life ever since my metabolism decided I was ‘big-boned’ (aka, not petitely built and using this as an excuse for excess). And it doesn’t even matter if it’s exclaimed as a phrase to a boyfriend you want to be gorgeousContinue reading “Hypocrite”

Open up….mind and mouth

For someone that doesn’t like cooking – I feel like I write about food and its preparation a lot on this blog. Strange right? I guess that suits me though – as normal is hardly a term I’d ever say applies to me. ‘Proud to be fout’ as the Dunglish would say. Earlier this monthContinue reading “Open up….mind and mouth”

Cooking disaster

Do you KNOW how many seasons of Masterchef Australia (and New Zealand), Jamie Oliver, Ready Steady Cook and Chef’s Table I’ve watched in my life?Let me give you a hint: it’s a serious lot.I fucking love cooking shows. And seeing people create awesome food. And reading up on cooking techniques, and recipes and and and.Continue reading “Cooking disaster”

Empty at 2021

The blogosphere has exploded! The entirety of my feed is filled with ‘Goodbye 2020‘s, recaps, ‘New Year New Me’ resolutions and forecasts, terrible ‘21 blog posts ideas for 2021‘ (none of which actually sounds like viable ideas) posts and people wishing the whole world well. It’s madness. And I like it. And I kinda hateContinue reading “Empty at 2021”