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Personal Blogging – Dirty little secret

It’s only been a month and a half since I (re)booted this blog and got back into the writing game. But boy, does it feel like an eternity already. It’s strange how something ‘new‘ can just settle itself into your life and feel like it’s always had a place there. Which, when it comes toContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Dirty little secret”

Oldschool Deep

Sometimes you can’t help but accidentally overhear conversations and in doing so catch a glimpse of the unknown lives of random strangers. And admittedly…sometimes I can’t help myself…and listen in on purpose. There’s too much interesting things around us not to eavesdrop once in a while. Shame on me. I know. 0 shreds of decencyContinue reading “Oldschool Deep”

Ode to Mad Bertha

Driving to work in the morning is always a pleasure ever since I’ve moved to the middle of nowhere. Empty fields, foggy banks drifting over still ponds and the small harbor that’s always quiet in the mornings. Sheep and baby goats and horses galloping along the winding road I take. It’s picturesque to say theContinue reading “Ode to Mad Bertha”

Shelving the ‘book of him’.

Lyrics:I’m gonna give you what you wanted, but my heart will never stop.Tell you that I’m fine even though I’m not.You’re gonna know for the rest of your life that this is true:I’m never getting over you.I won’t pretend that I won’t find someone elseYou’ll be a closed book sitting there on the shelfI’ll neverContinue reading “Shelving the ‘book of him’.”

Set(ting yourself) up to Fail.

Life often throws us challenges that we can either buckle up for and endure, or succumb to. Life, in that sense is unforgiving. It’s a do or die situation all day, every day and when it’s sink or swim your options are very limited. But we, as a species, seem to have come to theContinue reading “Set(ting yourself) up to Fail.”

An inconvenient truth.

Every week I seem to have this moment where I figure ‘I’m totally ready to start dating again’. Usually somewhere around the Wednesdays that used to be date-night. Or the empty Saturdays that make up the weekend and are now mostly filled with..working (fuck, I’m a workaholic).My heart and brain are still divided as toContinue reading “An inconvenient truth.”

Tinder Tales – Virtually unique.

Tinder is often seen as the promiscuous den of the dating debauched (and unsuccessful). Something which, as my years tick on (and the faces on it remain quite unchanging) is becoming painfully obvious. Throughout the past 4 years I’ve been on Tinder on and off (mostly off, because my tolerance for the inherent dip-shit levelsContinue reading “Tinder Tales – Virtually unique.”

Tinder Tales – Picture Perfect

People are so intensely adorably curious when it comes to my single-ness. Or. Let me specify.People, utterly ‘together’ in delicious relationships for decades of interpersonal fun and no outlook on ever doing the ‘single’ thing again – are HORRIBLY curious about the flaming pile of despair that is the world of dating in our currentContinue reading “Tinder Tales – Picture Perfect”