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Personal Blogging – The I-thing

One of the lessons about writing that’s stuck with me throughout my entire writing career (even though calling my writing endeavors a career is very ambitious) is a very simple one. You should not start a sentence with I. Not only does it apparently feel like an eyesore – it also quickly turns repetitive, isContinue reading “Personal Blogging – The I-thing”

Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA

It is I!The generous god of know-it-all-ness. The veritable fountain of wisdom of blogging proficiency. Or just that weird chick that keeps posting things that you somehow end up reading because they end up in your feed. Take your pick. HOWEVERI was always taught that sharing is caring, so when I found myself clicking theContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA”

Personal Blogging – Looks Matter

Sunday I was made aware of a dead link on the Homepage of my blog here. Oh the horror!Something like that is SO hard to deal with for a perfectionist like myself. Especially since it was on the HOME page. THE most visited page to every blog. Yikes!I wanted to instantly drop everything I wasContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Looks Matter”

Personal Blogging – Choices

‘You know, I’d probably actually read your blog if you would just write it in Dutch. I just don’t get why you do it in English.’ I get people commenting on me and my blogging endeavors every now and then. Friends and acquaintances that wander in from my Facebook timeline or Whatsapp statuses and discoverContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Choices”

Personal Blogging – Art of repetition

This is the 130th post I will be publishing on since I’ve started annoying you folks from this nook on the internet on the 1st of August (aka, 123 days ago). And just in case numbers aren’t your forte (spoken by the person with a fear for anything math related): That’s a LOT ofContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Art of repetition”

Personal Blogging – Patterns

As someone with a strong focus on efficiency and a goal-oriented mindset, I’m used to analyzing the things I’m doing (or have done) in order to discern the patterns that will allow me to bend the rules of the game as much to my favor as humanly possible. The simple fact of life is, afterContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Patterns”

Personal Blogging – The voice

Once you start really ‘getting into’ blogging – you discover a world full of people that have something to say. There’s an insane amount of bloggers out there in the universe (a freakishly high amount of which seem to reside in India, where blogging is still hot and happening, apparently) and each and every oneContinue reading “Personal Blogging – The voice”

Personal Blogging – The personal touch

The ‘Personal blogging‘ series here on this little blog o’mine affords me THE perfect opportunity to tell you, my readers and the rest of the world my views on blogging (aka: the why, and how and when of it). It’s not a ‘how-to‘ blog manual in any sense of the word, although I do hopeContinue reading “Personal Blogging – The personal touch”