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‘You should totally write a book’-prompts

‘Why don’t you just write a book?’ They’ll ask me, when they find out I blog. And like writing. And write, a lot. ‘Well, Wanda. You go for a ten minute run every Monday. Why don’t you just go run a marathon eh? No? Right.’ I’ll reply.‘And your kid is taking swimming lessons, isn’t he?Continue reading “‘You should totally write a book’-prompts”

Sucker for an audience.

I love watching and commenting on things. Snippy, witty (or snide) remarks followed by random factoids or weird additions. Silly observations or judgments clad in (dark) humor and wrapped in ‘oh but I’m a girl so that obviously wasn’t meant TOO mean‘. Whether it’s a sportsgame or people passing by while perched on a safeContinue reading “Sucker for an audience.”

Personal Blogging – Out for the count

Two months to the day. It’s been two months, today. I published my first blog post on August 1st 2020: Cheers to fresh starts! It was a dreary Saturday, almost a month after ‘the break-up‘ and I felt like I needed back a part of my life that I lost when it ended between us.Continue reading “Personal Blogging – Out for the count”

Decidably Soupy

Anyone that knows me a little knows this about me: I love soup. Sure. Anything fried, greasy or otherwise bad-for-my-health ALSO makes me do a little happy dance. But on the whole, if I had to pick one type of meal to eat for the rest of my life…it would be soup. Soup rocks. IContinue reading “Decidably Soupy”

Personal Blogging – To be recognisable or to be unique?

From a young age we’re all taught that we’re special little snowflakes. Those who are loved by their parents are the speciallest of special to them – those who aren’t learn that they stand out for other reasons. And adapt. And those who don’t pay attention are still slapped around with a sense of ‘being’Continue reading “Personal Blogging – To be recognisable or to be unique?”


I can’t dance the cancanYetBut I CAN cancan learn And if that cancan can’t be taughtI can the cancan yearn. But while I cannot cancan yetI can’t be cancan spurnedCause once the cancan can be dancedI’ll do that cancan turn. And twist and writhe and dance awayThe darkest of the nights.While kicking up my feetContinue reading “Word-horny”

Pineapple men: Taking the bad with the good?

Fruits are supposed to be good for you – or so they say. Unless you’re me (and well, the whole boatload of other people who are hypersensitive to certain fruits). Because eating fruits is always a bit like playing Russian Roulette when it comes to my mouth. Where some fruits are fine, some give meContinue reading “Pineapple men: Taking the bad with the good?”

A lesson learned. A losing game.

Some images evoke stories. Words. Dialogue. And some have the power to evoke emotions. That in turn take form in words. Like this one above, sent to me by a friend as a daily dose of peptalk. Only to lead to the poem found below: A losing game We were always at odds. Yet ohContinue reading “A lesson learned. A losing game.”

An inconvenient truth.

Every week I seem to have this moment where I figure ‘I’m totally ready to start dating again’. Usually somewhere around the Wednesdays that used to be date-night. Or the empty Saturdays that make up the weekend and are now mostly filled with..working (fuck, I’m a workaholic).My heart and brain are still divided as toContinue reading “An inconvenient truth.”

Fit for the Masquerade

‘Are you wearing….make-up!?!?!?’ I got that question not once….not twice…but a whopping six times last week. Merely because I opted for a blue and a green eyeliner on two occasions, instead of the usual black and grey. Seeing as those questions actually came from men, I suppose I should be honored that they…you know….noticed….Yet itContinue reading “Fit for the Masquerade”