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Changing the unchangeable.

Oftentimes I find myself wondering if I could be something I’m currently not. If I put my mind to it. If I could be a different me than I currently am, or become what I never was. If I tried my hand at it. Really. Really. Change. You know what I mean? Not that IContinue reading “Changing the unchangeable.”

Personal Blogging: Listless

Lists have always played a big big role in my life. Mostly because I like the level of organization that they bring into the mix (and because they are, like myself, very goal-oriented) but also because they provide a (false) sense of safety. I mean, you can’t go wrong if you’re following the list, right.Continue reading “Personal Blogging: Listless”

Oh dear – It’s baby season

“Congratulations auntie!” read one of the text messages I got yesterday. And awkwardness ensued.I think my initial witty reply of of ‘Gee, thanks aunt, for congratulating me with the birth of a niece to a brother I haven’t seen or spoken to in well over ten years and who I will most probably never everContinue reading “Oh dear – It’s baby season”

Unpopular opinion: Intelligence is blah.

It is often said (to me, at least) that intelligence is a (core-)quality.That having a brain is attractive. That knowing things about certain things and having stuff to say about stuff is a good selling point. That IQ lasts a lot longer than a pretty face and that making smart choices will win out overContinue reading “Unpopular opinion: Intelligence is blah.”

Measuring your life in exes.

People have a tendency to measure things in units that make little to no sense (and no, I’m not just talking about Americans and their weird as fuck semi-imperial-fuck-up-system – GO METRIC) for no added perks. Take students for example, who manage to completely forgo the normal ‘money’ concept and start measuring things in beersContinue reading “Measuring your life in exes.”

Ode to Mad Bertha

Driving to work in the morning is always a pleasure ever since I’ve moved to the middle of nowhere. Empty fields, foggy banks drifting over still ponds and the small harbor that’s always quiet in the mornings. Sheep and baby goats and horses galloping along the winding road I take. It’s picturesque to say theContinue reading “Ode to Mad Bertha”

Shelving the ‘book of him’.

Lyrics:I’m gonna give you what you wanted, but my heart will never stop.Tell you that I’m fine even though I’m not.You’re gonna know for the rest of your life that this is true:I’m never getting over you.I won’t pretend that I won’t find someone elseYou’ll be a closed book sitting there on the shelfI’ll neverContinue reading “Shelving the ‘book of him’.”