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A splintered truth

Some things have a magical tendency to become ‘normal’ to us very quickly – even if, in actuality, they’re not. We have a tendency to very quickly adopt things as routines and standards just for the simple fact that they exist in our lives. No questions asked. Easy as that. I’m very much like that,Continue reading “A splintered truth”

The Heart-Brain divide

The heart and brain have a tendency of pulling a person in different directions. More often than not, these directions also happen to be entirely opposite to each other – just to make it ‘easier’. Trying to rationalize matters of the heart is nigh impossible – and putting your heart in things that don’t rationallyContinue reading “The Heart-Brain divide”

The Wind (or Tornado) of Change.

If you believe the interwebs (which I obviously always do!) – everything in your body is replaced in a seven-year time span with cells dying and regenerating. Something that is rumored to be on the basis of your taste in foods changing every so often – which is why you can HATE the taste ofContinue reading “The Wind (or Tornado) of Change.”

On Self-Worth and Choices.

There’s moments of reflection that are inevitable at the points in your life where you decide on your course for the future. I had one of them only this week.An epiphany, one might say. I strongly feel that understanding the patterns and decisions that lead up to these moments are the only true way forward.Continue reading “On Self-Worth and Choices.”