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Fuzzy bellies

One of life’s mysteries has been the topic of conversation with me and my friends today. You know, the kind of mystery that has been around forever but you never got around to solving, right? So. Now that we’ve concluded that we cannot find any decisive and undeniably correct reason….it is time to ask youContinue reading “Fuzzy bellies”

I can’t even remember

Darling,Can you recall the last time you hurt?Really hurt?Hurt so bad you couldn’t breathe?Hurt so deep you couldn’t see?Hurt so much you couldn’t bear?I bet you think you can.I bet you think you should.I bet you think you have to. Need to even.But I also bet that you don’t.That you can’t really recall the burn.Continue reading “I can’t even remember”

Simple Solutions

Life, as a teacher, tends to offer a plethora of lessons. And most of those, I find, are quite similar. Life is hard. Life is complicated. Life ain’t straightforward. Life is messy, and chaotic. Painful and unfair and anything but under your control. Sometimes, though – you start to realize that life might not beContinue reading “Simple Solutions”

Come prepared.

I’ve already rehearsed, Every….possible…option. Every location. Every situation. I’ve already imagined, Every….thing…that you could say. Would say. Should say. I’ve already practised, Every….thing…I might reply. Want to reply. Can’t reply. I’ve already calculated, Every….possible…win. Ran through every probable loss. Balanced out my arguments, and figured out yours. Mediated your demands and summarized my needs. I’veContinue reading “Come prepared.”


Two days this week. Two days that I got to dress in normal clothes. Put on normal (instead of bad lighting and Microsoft Teams) make-up. And speak to normal (relatively 😈😈), actual, real life people. It’s kinda shocking how ‘odd’ that feels after the year we’ve had. And how much I did-not-hate having to getContinue reading “Peeptoes”

Art of the Grind

Gaming has taught me a lot in life. Mostly that I have a strange fashion sense, a tendency to giggle at excesses of violence and a huge AWWWWW obsession with the cute, fluffy or bouncy critters that show up in most games. But gaming has always also highlighted some of my talents, next to theseContinue reading “Art of the Grind”