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Best car ever.

Today I’m driving to the land down under. Which in this particular case is the beautiful Limburg that holds my roots (-small barf-). And though I’ve managed to destruct most of the accent that gets a person laughed at on a daily basis – I do still venture down there every once in a whileContinue reading “Best car ever.”

Bed Battles

There’s things to consider when you’re (planning to be) getting back on the horse. The horse, in this case, being a new partner (winkwinknudgenudge). It’s not just the dating, the tentative getting-to-know-someone questions, the awkward routine-discoveries (seriously, I once knew a guy who brushed his teeth every time he’d eat something….which was quite often) andContinue reading “Bed Battles”

The Heart-Brain divide

The heart and brain have a tendency of pulling a person in different directions. More often than not, these directions also happen to be entirely opposite to each other – just to make it ‘easier’. Trying to rationalize matters of the heart is nigh impossible – and putting your heart in things that don’t rationallyContinue reading “The Heart-Brain divide”

The Wind (or Tornado) of Change.

If you believe the interwebs (which I obviously always do!) – everything in your body is replaced in a seven-year time span with cells dying and regenerating. Something that is rumored to be on the basis of your taste in foods changing every so often – which is why you can HATE the taste ofContinue reading “The Wind (or Tornado) of Change.”

On Self-Worth and Choices.

There’s moments of reflection that are inevitable at the points in your life where you decide on your course for the future. I had one of them only this week.An epiphany, one might say. I strongly feel that understanding the patterns and decisions that lead up to these moments are the only true way forward.Continue reading “On Self-Worth and Choices.”