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He’s just not that into you.

“We’re taught that in life, we should try to look on the bright side, to be optimistic. Not in this case. In this case, look on the dark side. Assume rejection first. Assume you’re the rule, not the exception.”

― Liz Tuccillo, He’s Just Not That Into You

It’s been romcom season in casa di Malinqa these past two weeks. It’s a foolproof and must-have break-up recipe that never fails to deliver. Almost as good as a great rebound. (Who am I kidding. Nothing beats a good rebound.)

Hyperromantic and happy-ending-assured movies are still fuckdamn awesome though.

However. For all my years of avidly watching anything with the romcom tag (because I’ve done enough of the breakups to merit these choices) – I had never managed to get around to seeing ‘He’s just not that into you’. Until it appeared on my Netflix last week.

And hit me smack-dab in the face with some romcom wisdom (which tends to be alot wiser than regular wisdom for the simple fact that it’s a whole lot more dramatic). It’s the type of wisdom that rings even more true when you’re in a certain mental space. Mindset. State of being. It’s a lot like country songs totally making ALL of the sense when you fall in (or out of) love. Romcoms are thoughtfodder for the broken heart-and-brain.

You see….
I CAN appreciate the core of the message of this movie:

That all of those people with the happy endings. The people with the one true loves. The people with the perfect matches?
They are the EXCEPTION. Not the rule.
(Aka, you’re not failing at life by being by your lonesome, nope. They’re just overachieving)

I CAN’T mold my beliefs to fit that knowledge. Insane. But true.

Now. I’ve always been kinda great at determining the ‘he’s not that into you’ kind of dudes. The schmucks. Commitment-phobes. Untruthful bastards and unreliable Andy’s.
I have a better douche-dar than gay-dar and have been mildly successful in weeding most of them out before they found their way in.

Plus: as a pessimist-to-the-core…looking on the dark side has always come SO naturally to me. I’ve never really hovered over phones. Never really cyberstalked someone in hopes of grabbing their attention. Never ‘casually’ walked by their favorite restaurant hoping to get spotted. I’ve always assumed guys AREN’T into me. And acted accordingly.

Detrimentally so. Even.

Especially since I HAVE always had this thing for the ‘out of my league’ types of dudes. Who, as it so happens, are VERY RARELY all that into you. And if they ARE for some magical reason still into you…you acting like you’re thinking that they’re not is SURE to make them run for the hills.

I fuck up being together with someone, for the simple fact that (even though I LIKE BEING ALONE) I act like being alone is the end on the world. Because the world has taught me that it is.

It’s because everyone tells us those ‘perfect’ lives ARE the rule.
But They aren’t. They really aren’t.
And assuming that they are puts us in that horrendous spot of vulnerability and desperation that is SURE to deter any real chance of being genuinely open to something or someone new because we’re forcing ourselves to fit a standard that is both unrealistic and unachievable FOR MOST. Being in a ‘societally-judged-as-not-perfect’ situation IS THE RULE THOUGH. Not those shiny lives we’re pelted with all the time. Those are the exception.

But nevertheless we still (or at least, I do) still act like we, the ‘unlucky ones’, are the exception. Instead of the rule. And in thinking this – fuck up any and all chances at becoming the exception.

Because if we’re TOO determined. TOO forced. TOO cramped and needy and clingy and and and JUST because we’re SO determined to get a hold of that societal view of ‘happy’ – all we’re really doing is making sure that they’re NOT going to be all that into you.

Because there’s so much truth in the saying ‘you’ll find what you need, when you stop looking so very hard’
I know this. I KNOW this.

But I can. not. stop. myself. from. looking.
From wanting.
From needing.
Even though I healthily assume all of those ACTUAL potentially awesome peeps out there are just…not…that…into….me.
Even though I KNOW that I’m awesome on my lonesome.
Even though I believe that I don’t need to have a certain type of life to be the kind of happy that I’ve always aspired.

But I still want to be what we’re taught is the rule but is actually the exception.
Still act like I’m the exception, while I’m most definitely the rule.

And in doing so become exactly the type of scarecrow for potential happiness that this GODDAMN WAY TOO ACCURATE romcom warns us about.
Because as soon as they all stopped trying SO VERY HARD…everything just kinda fell into place.

Which might happen for me too. If I ever DID stop trying so VERY HARD.

24 thoughts on “He’s just not that into you.

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  2. Also a film that I absolutely love and took a great of learning from during my solo years. I’ve always been an over-reacher in terms of looks too, they gotta look good on my arm no? but I let that take a back seat this time, the slow burn has had its benefits.


  3. My husbands favorite words for me when I’m struggling are, “tough times don’t last, tough people do.” And of course I wanted to do an appropriate amount of damage to his being every time. Which seems fair. The thing is I’m not so tough and time is sort of a bitch. The struggle is real and wine is the answer, 💕C


  4. Neem eens wat tijd voor jezelf in plaats van je keer op keer in een relatie te storten of fuckboys te doen. En overweeg hulp, want je komt behoorlijk labiel en beschadigd over.


      1. Ik weet het, de waarheid is hard. Maar diep van binnen weet je dat je mentaal fucked up bent. Je kan leuk schrijven, maar je bent ongelukkig, hebt waarschijnlijk een trauma omdat je ouders niet van je houden en vult dat gat met schrijfsels, keihard werken en random dudes neuken. Gelukkig ga je er niet van worden.


      2. Ik zal mezelf vanavond in slaap huilen in de wetenschap dat ik niet zo’n fulfilling leven heb als jij, de dappere keyboard warrior, die ongevraagd en ineffectief denkt arme gebroken meisjes te moeten fixen in alle vrije tijd die overblijft als je grondig niet in de categorie neukbare dudes valt 👏👌

        Zo hebben we allemaal duidelijk onze mankementen. Ik prefereer alleen de mijne boven de jouwe any day of the week 🤣😇


  5. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    You want the truth? Oh nee wacht even check Kübler-Ross, misschien heb je daar wat aan. Of schrijf nog een leuk stukje en probeer energie te halen uit de mensen die voor je staan te cheerleaden.


  6. Opperbest humeur hier. Schat in dat je absoluut niet tegen kritiek kan, behalve dan je eigen vorm van kritiek. En natuurlijk lekker kritiek op andere geven, ben ik zelf overigens ook dol op!


    1. Uiteraard. Ik ben immers labiel en beschadigd. Dat je überhaupt kritiek durft te uiten joh. Wie weet wat ik mezelf aandoe als arme kwetsbare ziel 🤯

      Maar gelukkig is ongefundeerd online psycholoogje spelen meer jouw talent dan het mijne.

      Maar ik gok dat je mijn kritiek op de kwaliteit van jouw kritiek net zo makkelijk terzijde legt als ik de jouwe. Dus dan vermaken we ons beiden opperbest in een compleet nutteloze discussie over niet bestaande problemen.

      Yay. Classic schoolbook internetting!


  7. Just Dropping By Here Now to Say
    Hi And Hey i Miss Your Writing Zoe…

    Seems Like the Audience Will Get
    Kinda Tough Now and Then too…

    Yet It’s True Anonymous Living
    Internet Dead No Face Fly By

    Folks Have

    Told me

    i Should

    Go Kill my Self

    For Writing Different
    Than One Side of the
    Page to the Other Don’t
    Let the Sharks in the Tank
    Bring Ya Down You Are Creative
    That’s A Gift Not Every one Enjoys in Life…

    Write Some



    The Best
    Out of Us in Art
    Some Days With SMiLes..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. That is a very good rom com. I hope you are ok. You are not alone in feeling what you feel. The truth is….many, many couples cheat. Many couples are unhappy. We have to be happy with ourselves and find our own company entertaining and at the very least – peaceful. There is nothing wrong with being single. There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship. It’s your life.


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