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Wine Connaisseur

Contrary to the title – I am far from one. A wine connaisseur. Truly.
Which is something that I do regret, kind of, seeing as I do drink a (sometimes disturbing) amount of the godly nectar that makes your tongue go scrunch.

So when the finally got new wine for me at my softball club (how decadent is that, them changing brands just for me, because I’m literally the only one drinking wine there) I felt called out. I didn’t like the Chardonnay they had. But when asked what I did want, their guess was probably as good as mine. So I mumbled something about Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio and hoped for the best. And with success. The new wine is a boatload better! Even though no expertise was involved in the process.

I’ve said it a bunch of times this year (in every one of my resolutions updates, even). Something’s gotta change in that regard. It’s something I wanna know more about and grow more refined in. Because my current answer when non-wine-drinkers ask me what wine they should buy…is not making me sound any smarter:
‘Just get one with an animal on the label. Those are usually drinkable!’.

And it’s true, really. In the supermarket (see, this is already where I’m going wrong) there’s rows and rows of wines with Ducks and Cats and Bulls and Dragons and I just kinda go for all of those when I’m drinking. No pondering about the type of grape, or the aging. No worries about the subtle undertones of wood over fruit or the process of riping. Nope. I am doing to wines what illiterates do with books. Picking the ones with pictures.

I’m a wine illiterate. And I wanna be a connaisseur. Goals!

12 thoughts on “Wine Connaisseur

  1. I don’t drink wine, but I know it’s a big industry where I live, there are a lot of wineries around here and they grow a lot of grapes… it is kind of fascinating how many different kinds of wines there are out there, and how so many little things can affect the taste.

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  2. I know that struggle. At least my Vivino-app helps me to find wines which suit my palate. And then they tell about flavors like blackberries, red fruits with a hint of chassis and vanilla ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s usually the point when I’m out…. And that’s why I’m going to attend a wine appreciation course this year. Want to bring light into the dark…

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  3. I also wish I was a wine connoisseur. However, I do enjoy not getting too bogged down in the science of winemaking. You donโ€™t have to be an expert to know if you like something.
    I drink wine because I enjoy it and I think thatโ€™s something we can all do. I started by noting flavours I enjoyed and searched for those flavours in other wines. As mentioned above, using an app like Vivino to track your favourite wines helps with future selections and recommendations. Because I have explored my tastes, I have learnt along the way what I do and donโ€™t like and maybe why. I too picked bottles based on how pretty the label was, thatโ€™s just good marketing! But I eventually decided I wanted to know more. So I studied for personal growth and understanding why I enjoy something. You mentioned liking Sauvignon Blanc, have you tried this one?
    It’s on a lot of wine lists at my local restaurants and always makes me happy!
    Enjoy your wine journey!


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