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Whole lotta nothing

Today is my first day back at work. Yay. Except not really. It just makes me realize that I need to win a jackpot sooner rather than later (even though I don’t even participate in any lotteries, so chances of that happening are even less than those at winning an actual lottery). Because I don’t wanna get back to work yet. Or at all. Or ever. I rather spend my days doing a whole lotta nothing.

Which is pretty much equal to the amount of things that happened in my three weeks leave. Guess the ship doesn’t sink when you leave. But it sure doesn’t move either. Although that does make it easier to pick…right…back…up…where…I…left.

The day AFTER vacations is always the worst. Not just because you have three weeks mail to plow through (although, admittedly, I’m the type of idiot who checked her mail about 20 times during my vacation to semi-clean-up-spam-shizzle to avoid pilesandpilesandpiles of plowing). And not just because there’s always that slight anxiety at ‘*what if something went wrong. What if I have nothing to do. What if I have EVERYTHING to do?*’. Nono. The thing I hate most about the vacation-return is the question-repeat-parade.

‘How was your holiday?’
‘Did you get all the rest?’
‘Did you go anywhere?’

Literally everyone opens with that, when you return. And though I appreciate the ‘concern’ (or general interest) – I do NOT appreciate having to defend my vacation time and again.

‘Vacation was great. We stayed home. It was awesome.’

Staying home, after all, is APPARENTLY the WORST thing you can do during your vacation. Colleague after colleague has to pick up their jaw from the floor at that simple notion that though I had 21 glorious days of freedom – I did not spend ANY of them at a tropical resort. Ski slope. Camping. Or hotel ANYWHERE.

‘But did you do….thisorthat?’
‘And did you go…thereorthere?’
‘Didn’t you see…somethingorother?’

My completely lovely and intensely delicious vacation consisted of maybe 3/4 outings and for the rest included A WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING. There was food. Movies. Series (I FINALLY finished Vikings!). Afternoons of sleepsleepsleeping while the boyfriend watched the Olympics. More food. And it was exactly as the doctor ordered.

Yet my colleagues seem to think that a vacation should be just as much of a planned-full, capped out and filled to the brim ordeal as every day life. And that NOT going on a holiday somewhere-that’s-not-here or spending time doing things-that-are-not-at-home means that I can’t possibly call my vacation succesful.

Well sorry guys and girls.
You’re talking to the girl that thinks travelling is a chore. And intensely bad for my mental state. And nothing to be desired in corona-time. Talking to the girl that maxes out her human-capacity after 1 day of intense people-contact and rather recharges 3 days afterwards than just keep working on depleted social batteries. Talking to the girl who, Well. Is a homebody. TO THE MAX. And also the girl who has a talent for doing as little as humanly possible.

I think I was a sloth in my former life.

Seriously. I LOVE doing nothing.
Whether I’m doing it poolside at a beachresort or right here in my backyard:
Filling my days with doing the most absolute amount of nothing is EXACTLY my preferred vacation. Sorry not sorry!

16 thoughts on “Whole lotta nothing

  1. Zoewiezoe you are a hot mess. (LOL) Love this post! Lately I felt similar in lot of ways. Think of writing a book entitled “Sorta Kinda, But Not Really.” I feel your pain. Have a great week. Blessings and Peace!

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  2. Zoe that was great. I understand what you are taking about. I was blessed enough to retire way early. When I was working I worked long hours and worked hard. My mind and body exhausted and also wanted to rest. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Most companies in the States you are fortunate if you get two weeks off even if you met the requirements. Sounds like you had a relaxing vacation doing what was safe and the best thing for you. ❤️🤗🦋🌹 Joni

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  3. Agree completely. I never understood the concept of “I’m so tired…I have to rest up from my vacation.” However, this morning I was browsing Madewell bags (because I love all purses and bags) and was set to buy…until I realized that since I am STILL in isolated quarantine I have nowhere to go with a newly purchased bag…so I saved $170. So…there’s that. Took many “stay-at-home-vacations” and they were the best!

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  4. Here IS A LeSSoN Dear
    ‘Grasshopper’ Young Zoe
    (You’re Probably Way too
    Young to Get that
    Old ‘Kung Fu’
    TV Show
    Maybe Even

    Yoda And His

    “Client” In Star

    Wars True too)

    Never the Less

    The Secret of Existence

    IS Doing Everything As Nothing Now New

    Effortless Ease Doing More Than Ever Now

    RiSinG oN A TiGHT

    Rope Higher

    And Higher

    With Every

    Step and Word
    Becoming More Holy and
    Sacred Dance And Song

    Without Even F iN Trying…

    True Easy Peacey


    Of Hurricane

    So Much More Impressive

    Than Fred Over Here Only

    A Tropical Storm Approaching

    The Barrel of the Panhandle of

    This FLoWeR Described State

    Shaped Like A Frigging Gun Yep

    Baby Florida And “ITs Men” That’s What It’s All



    And Roses

    THorns And

    Petals Still Falling

    And RiSinG Rose FLoWeRS

    Newer Colors Never Seen Before

    Every Word Every Step Just Change



    In Bliss

    Of Ease in Peace
    Springing Cat-6 Hurricane
    Winds Approaching 7,8, And 9 Dance And Song

    Soon Enough Returning to 0 Beginning Again Different..
    Normally These Aphorisms Are Shorter Yet i am Not



    Hurricane Hehe
    Or Even Tropical Storm Fred…

    i Rather Be A New FireWork
    CoLoRinG Stars Differently Now..:)

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  5. Vacations can be fun, but staycations are massively underrated. We can’t be on the go all the time, not every day of holiday has to be used as an actual holiday! I hate when people ask why I’m booking time off or what I did on my break cause a lot of the time the answer is just chilling out.. de-stressing, watching a butt load of movies or shows I wanna see.

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  6. Vacation from hell: Squeezing EVERYTHING in to every waking hour!

    Vacation ideal: doing what you want, when you want, even if what you want to do is nothing 🙂

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  7. Omg preach! I am a true homebody too, it really doesn’t take much for me to feel like I’m in heaven (I just need some time alone, some bread and some snacks and drinks and YouTube and I’m goooddd)! 🍷🍞🥐🍦🍫☕🍩🍪📺📱📻🙌🙏🎉


  8. I’m with you on so much of this – I used to get asked so much what I did when I came back and like you it was nice but I resented it. Also, being at home is ok in my book!


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