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Too cute to function!

Don’t you love those couples who seem to speak their own language? Full of inside jokes that aren’t funny to anyone, but has them unexpectedly bursting with laughter. Idioms no one gets. Words no one understands. A world of their own?

I know. I hate them too.
Unless I am in that couple.
Then it’s the goddamn best.

The thing is – for onlookers it can be way too showy. Too intense. Too over the top. Who are they to flaunt all of the love in the face of those who might have less.

I know. I envy them too.
Unless I am in that couple.
Then it’s the goddamn best.

What we don’t get to see, however, is how these things come to be. How those inside jokes are created. How those cutesy words are give life. And jealousy often lies in the assumption that those origin stories are epic. Awesome. A sign of true and real connection.

But that?
That’s sooooo not the case.
At least not always.

Sure – some might have amazing sagas at the roots of their adorable relationship quirks and quips. Tales of that one time they were hiking in the mountains of Tibet and found a monk setting cross-legged on a ledge with a mountain of fluffy alpaca furs piled around him who told them the secrets of the world in purely telepathic sense while staring deeply into their eyes and blessing her with a child who’s bound to grow up as the Messiah – so they now call eachother Fluffy (after those amazingly soft furs) and Twinkly-bear (after the twinkles in the monks eyes).

Holy shit. Can you imagine?

Sometimes though – those stories are a bit different. Less journey-of-life inspired but more of an exhibit of the weirdos-that-are-a-couple.

The boyfriend and me very rarely say ‘I love you‘ for instance. We both say ‘mowmow‘ (slightly like a double meow but without the e).

It sounds fucking adorable.

And I know it does. Which means I love doing it when there’s people around that then go ‘awwww…that’s fucking adorable!

Which is great to hear because;

  • a) It is fucking adorable
  • b) Because they have nooo idea.

You see – ‘mowmow‘ is the culmination of me being exceptionally BAD at lipreading. No epic origin story. No Tibetan monks. No story we’ll tell our grandchildren.

Just him silently forming the words ‘I love you’ and me consistently misreading that as ‘Mowmow?’. What are you trying to say? Mowmow?’
I blame his articulation. He blames my lipreading skills. We both embraced the outcome even though my career as an interpreter and lipreader ended way before it started. But hey. We got this cute-as-fuck couple-thing out of it. ‘Mowmow.’

23 thoughts on “Too cute to function!

  1. Yawn… In Real Breathing
    Life We aRe Legend…
    There’s Even A Song

    About Us

    Yet It Is
    About Dead
    Ones Not Living Ones

    And Most Folks Have
    No Clue Who We Are
    That’s A Best



    That Yes
    Retains A Real
    Living Fortune of
    Loving Free NowπŸ™ƒ

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  2. Lovely blog..
    Yes, every couple has a language of their own which only they relate to. There are certain things which are to remain between the spouses.
    Stay blessed always

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So true. Not every cute relationship in-joke has an adorable backstory. We call each other, “Sir” and neither one of us can remember why πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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