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Body Betrayal

Three weeks of glorious vacation time. Three weeks of planned nothingness, perfect laziness and enormous amounts of not-anything-to-do.

Except for dinner with friends. Kayaking. Bowling. Theme parks. Good food. And all of the boyfriendly fun. FUN things. Delicious things. Awesome things.

And with my second vaccine jab about to kick in – all of that with a much safer feeling than the past year and a half. A recipe for success, you might think.

My body disagrees.

The last 7 days I’ve found myself fighting a stomach bug and befriending my white porcelain throne. Gained 30 years when I bent over and practically broke my back to be reduced to a limpy grumpy mess. Had headaches. Sniffles. And a thorough feeling of ‘WHY BODY WHY’ throughout all of it.

It’s a sign that I’ve worked too hard for too long, I think. That I forced myself to function on high levels without respite for months on end. Scared to stop and breathe. Unable to check out even slightly. So now that I’m free from workly demands – my body is caving in.

All of the stress and battles and tiptoeing on the edge of strength is converging into me being a wreck of yuck. Stupid body. Can’t you have me get sick on the bosses time instead?

I wanna enjoy my man and vacation to the fullest. Not survive on ibuprofen and sobs. You suck body. You suck.

44 thoughts on “Body Betrayal

  1. You mean you had post-jab fatigue and a stomach bug at the same time? And a stomach bug for 7 days!? That’s unlucky and terrible! I didn’t even know that was possible.

    I just had my second jab 2 days ago, also one of the ones which typically makes you achey/fatigued. I was achey for 12-24 hours.

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    1. I don’t think I’d contribute the fatigue to the jab actually…I’ve been free since last week Monday and was icky for 4 days already before I got the vaccination last Friday.

      Post-job fatigue more like 🙈🤪

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      1. Haha! Oh for sure. Or a deadly combination of all 3. You’d be surprised with the jab— most people with the mRNA jabs report the symptoms after the 2nd dose, less after the 1st. More than half experience fatigue/acheyness/headache.

        I had none after 1st dose of Moderna, then the fatigue on the second, and I’m someone who usually considers myself invincible lol. It’s younger people who have the stronger side-effects because their immune response is stronger. Either way, you’ll never know because your experiment was highly non-scientific! Lol.

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  3. I hesitated to hit “like” on this post because I don’t like that you’re feeling so crummy on your vacation! I hope it passes quickly so you can get on with having some fun 🙂

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  4. Omg this was me on our honeymoon! I was go go go throughout the wedding planning and then the wedding day was perfect (except the utterly stupid rain but whatever) until we got to Italy Ang BAM, like i got hit by a frigin mack truck! We had to find the nearest farmacia to try to get me meds… Now I always travel with meds!!! HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER, GIRL!!!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️

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    1. Oh hell that’s a lifelesson right there too!
      My travel kit includes a loooot of medicine too. Loads of Norit (charcoal) and painkillers and eyedrops and and and.

      Better safe than sorry!

      Did you at least get to enjoy SOME honeymoon? God. Italy. Awesome choice!

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      1. Yes for sure… My coughing didn’t stop us from doing everything we wanted to do… I was really ill for like one day (in bed, achy) then after that it was just a sore throat and a Damn lingering cough that lasted 4 weeks (when I got home, we were there for 3 weeks)! I was just paranoid about hacking my ass off in a quiet museum (which happened a lot) 😳🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ omg and the plane ride back (coughing in pillow the whole flight) … Ppl even came up to me to offer me pain meds!! OYYY

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  5. Seriously: if this is a pattern, you should slow down. This was me for years and years, working like an idiot and spending my holidays with aspirine. Finally, my body decided it was too much and brought me an auto-immune disease. And still, I am trying to be strong and energetic and I keep running. And then the next message comes. And the next….
    Wishing you well, enjoying life in a healthy pace😉!

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      1. Thanks, so do I… though we sometimes joke about ignoring the messages… “blijf nou toch leggûh, ken ik de kist dichttimmerûh” (freely translated: why don’t you stay down and keep still so I can close the coffin!)😏


  6. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery! Hopefully you’re able to find more time to rest even if it’s simply stepping outside of your place of work for 10 minutes to clear your head and to stretch. Take care of yourself. Life is for the living.

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