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Saved FROM the bell

There’s one thing I hate more in life than pretty much all of the things I hate (which are plentiful). It’s alarms. Alarm clocks. Sirens. Anything that makes unnecessary shrill sounds that elicits immediate action. I hate it.

Having to get up in the morning, knowing that you’ve set your alarm to an indecent time-that-you-don’t-really-wanna-get-up-at has me going to bed annoyed. Ruins the usual happiness that I experience when I get into bed. Ruins the snuggles with the blankets, and the cuddling with the pillows and the joy of drifting off to the tunes of a Relaxing Spanish Guitar Spotify playlist. I hate alarms.

So much so that I’ve evolved enough as a human to outsmart mine. When I set an alarm for the next morning…my body knows. And I magically ALWAYS wake up five minutes before it’s bound to go off. So that I can turn it off without ever hearing it. It’s a great deal. Always works. Doesn’t solve the hatred though.


You see – ever since corona struck…the working-from-home thing became my life. And I, as a natural morning person, usually wake up around 7/8-ish unprompted. Which means that, in order to start my workday somewhere before 9 at the latest – I am no longer in need of alarms. I wake up when I wake up, and start working once I’ve done my morning routine. It’s friggin ideal!

This is one of the things that (I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but fuck it) I have loved about the whole Corona-crisis. COVID-19 has saved me from alarm clocks. Entirely.
Although – it kinda also made it worse for when I DO have to set an alarm. Or even worse, when the boyfriend does it while I sleep next to him so that I hear an alarm and DON’T have to get up but still wake up. Or eveneveneven worse – when he sets the alarm during your vacation so he can get up and go to a theme park at the break of day AND doesn’t turn it off before it goes off EVEN though we were already awake pre-alarm. Damn it. That’s just pure evil right there.


14 thoughts on “Saved FROM the bell

  1. I hate alarms and waking up, but worse than that I hate getting up, and I just can’t do it on the first alarm so I set 3! Today I had to get up at 9 to start work at 10, so I set alarms for 8:30, 8:35 and 9:00 so I could snooze. It’s the only way I can cope with mornings

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  2. The snooze button was the best and worst invention of all time!! Best bc for me lol, worst bc my husband snoozes every 5 minutes for like an hour before he gets up. I’m surprised he’s alive most mornings bc I get so very angry lol

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  3. Oh God When i’m Late

    Oh God When i’m Late

    Late So Late to an

    Important Date

    My Wife


    All the Alarm Clocks

    Every Clock in Life With

    Get Your A88 Of That Computer

    Or Whatever i’m Doing and Go Go Go Go

    Before i’m

    Late Oh

    God So

    Late to An
    Important Date

    Like Death True i
    Discarded That When
    i ReTired too Always

    Out of Time



    Now Free

    Until my Wife Reminds

    Me Oh God We Are So
    Late So Late to A Very Important Date…

    Yawn, Dear Zoe, Have A Wonderful
    Time out of Time in The Netherlands Now…:)

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  4. Yes you are. And also the one that goes off for the boyfriend has already showered and gone downstairs while you were trying to sleep in a little…
    I’m trying to save myself a bit with this ‘spring’ tone on my phone, chirping birds and stuff. Though I normally wake up and turn it off a few minutes before, like you do…😁

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