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Resolutionizing – July

People – HOW is July over already? What happened to the summer? I swear we hardly had any! I need more sun. Swimming pools. Spare time. Cocktails. Although, honestly, looking at the grand scheme of things – I can’t complain.

Now that July is over I find myself another year older and wiser (or so they say) AND in the midst of a three week vacation (fuck yeah). To say that was needed is the understatement of the year. This past month saw me trying to cope juggling tree huge deals (and just barely making it through). BUT fingers crossed for great results in that regard. Here’s hoping!

BUT it also saw me enjoying a lot of fun baseball matches and drinks with friends. Fun BBQs. Loads of quality time with the boyfriend and just generally a lot of YAY things. Including visits to a theme park and a zoo, which I hadn’t done in FOREVER and some crazy Cards against Humanity and ‘never have I ever’ nights. Good times all around!

However – since a LOT of the items on my resolutions list are also blog-related…the simple fact that I managed to only post 1 (!!!) blog is officiously horrendous. I apologize. Although, not really. Between way-too-much-work and a whole-lotta-fun – finding time to write is…hard. And feels like a chore. And I don’t blog because I HAVE to, but because I can. So yeah. Go figure.

Buuuuttt, with work finally seeming to calm down, my second vaccination being jammed in my arm last Friday, two more weeks of vacation AND the ambition to pick this back up – let’s see if August brings improvement. But for now: here’s what you missed about July!

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And only this one…sad…little…blog. SAWWY!
– Think Twice

Outside of commenting on the Resolutions I feel need some backstory – I am going to keep it simple: Green are the resolutions I’ve (already) checked off the list. Fingers crossed you’re going to scroll and find some greens, right?!
Orange are the ones I’ve totally started on, attempted, am working on or have otherwise made some progress on. The unmarked ones…well. They shall not be mentioned. Until they’re mentioned. If they’re ever mentioned. Who knows!
And red. Well. Red are the ones that I’ve already failed. In month one. BUT (there’s always a BUT) will probably still be (re-)attempting for the remainder of the year ;).

ONWARDS – to full green! (Who am I kidding)


  • Land (at least) 5 >10m. deals successfully.
    No wins OR losses returned in June. Just a whole lotta work on running deals which WERE handed in halfway through. Positive results (hopefully) in August/September
  • Get three additional certificates on relevant topics OR
  • Follow six non-certificate-yielding relevant work courses.
    These three weeks of vacay I’m currently in will hopefully empty my head for new knowledge to be attained in the months to come!
  • Do whatever is necessary (and actively check this with management) to get the needed functional grade for the 175% bonus in 2022.
  • Wear a costume in a Teams-call on Carnaval. And Christmas. And possibly Easter (I’d totally look awesome in bunny ears).
  • Donate the 2021 Christmas package to charity.
  • Don’t get a burnout. Or fired. Or in a fight with colleagues for no other reasons than them sucking (luckily, so far, all of them are pretty damn awesome).
    SURVIVED. AND ENJOYING WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING NOW. I never needed a vacation as badly as I did this one. Luckily it’s a FULL THREE WEEKS OF NOTHINGNESS!
  • Start writing a book. Or collect blogs to add into a column-bundle. Or do something anything whateverything to get published work in book-form out into the world.


  • Keep. Blogging. In. 2021. (as in: the entire year!)
    Yeah. Lets’…uhhh…forget about July, ok? We all have our weak moments. Muahahaha! I did renew my WordPress subscription in July though – so the ambition is there!
  • Write (at least) 200 posts
    99…because only 1 post in July isn’t really making a difference in the totals. Buttttt, there’s more than 100 days left in the year, so this is totally still doable. Right? Right.
  • Find a way to ALSO make sure old content gets some luvvin’ every now and then.
  • Get to 5.000 followers. Yes. Really. Gotta be ambitious, right?
    2633 is actually pretty much a decent rise, seeing as I barely posted. I can’t complain. But that 5000? Ain’t happening!
  • Get to 500 unique visitors in 1 day at least once.
  • Make a person laugh hysterically with a post. Or cry. Either works.
  • Do a monthly Resolutionized-update so I don’t ‘forget‘ that I’m supposed to be doing this.
    With a one month lapse – still going strong on this one!


  • Fuck dating altogether for the entire year and take a Zoë-year OR
  • Do NOT ‘date’ any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags EVER again.
    AND (if I do end up dating)
  • No beards. Seriously. Just. No negotiating – no beards.
  • Stop downdating AND/OR downplaying myself just to appear acceptable and not-be-lonely.
  • Stop settling for soul-crushing limitations or demands and instead go for compromise-less loving.
  • Don’t opt for an imaginary boyfriend for lack of actual people potential. Pillows do not count.
  • Don’t drunk-booty-call any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags. Really. Don’t be that girl.
    No. slips. anymore!


  • Make a new (group of) friends that DON’T all live at least an hour away.
  • Spend more time with the far-away-bunch of friends.
    Theme parks, barbecues, EK-watching parties. They were all there in July. So much fun! So yeah!
  • See actual people IN PERSON at least once a month. No hermitting.
    This resolution totally got PWNED this year. I’m doing so awesome. Much yay!
  • Write a letter to a friend telling them how much they mean to me. Try not to include swearwords too much.
  • Post something non-selfie-related to Instagram every now and again.
    Does posting some pics on the very last day, and one or two stories count? If so: then yes!
  • Host a dinnerparty and actually COOK.
    That’s it. I’m inviting people over. PLANNING TODAY!
  • Do something wine-knowledge related (a workshop, or tasting or high wine) so you’re not just downing bottles but actually know something about their contents.
  • Do NOT. I repeat: do NOT install Snapchat. Or Pinterest. Ever. AND
  • Do not start Tiktokking. In any way, shape or form. You’re too old Zoë. Really. You are. Resist the temptation.


  • No more alcohol (during weekdays, and in the weekends only when in company).
    These limitations weren’t working for me. BUT I can say that I’m happy with my current way-more-responsible intake-style. So still happy here.
  • Lose an additional 9.1 kilos to finally end up at a healthy 22.6 BMI.
    Well… The numbers ARE going down. Marginally. But still – I see progress in my future!
  • Get a ton of exercise. Or at least – a bunch. Or you know – try to go walking for an hour at least once a week.
    With the pain caused by two active days this week comes the realization that exercise with my current crappy body is just a tad ambitious. Buuuut, I did do A LOT compared to other months.
  • Get my account balance/savings up to that number I internally discussed and at least stop spending fortunes on Thuisbezorgd.
    Vacations and passionate clothes-shopping are murder on a bank account. But necessary. So boo.
  • Don’t start smoking. Or get 12 cats. Or take up skydiving. Or become a vegan. Seriously. Don’t.
  • Actually finish watching Arrow.
    And with NOT A SINGLE ONE WATCHED…this is still stuck at 45. Oh god. I’m never going to make it through! I DID finish Z Nation (one of those I was also expecting never-to-finish type of series. Pat on the back deserved!)
  • Keep the Christmas tree up year round. IT’S HAPPENING! Gotta make it to August!
    D-O-N-E. I still don’t wanna take it down though. BUT IT’S BEEN UP A YEAR. I’m Insane! And insanely happy!
  • Learn a new language
  • Play Zelda Breath of the Wild. Whether it’s at a friends or whether I manage to convince myself that I deserve a Switch. It must be played.
    And gods, I played the crap out of Witcher 3 too. It was awesome! Now I need a new fancy game to dip myself into!

Anyway – even though blogging-wise this month totally sucked balls….I can honestly say I’ve not been this happy in a long long time. You’d almost start wondering when shit’s gonna hit the fan again, right? But as it stands – I’m just enjoying the crap out of 2021 so far!

10 thoughts on “Resolutionizing – July

  1. Hehe Imagine A Life
    With No To Do Lists



    It’s Easy If

    Ya Just Dance

    And Sing And

    The “Higher Ups”

    Pay Ya


    To Love Life
    One Another

    Devoid Of


    That Are
    No FRiEnD
    Of Gravity


    Peace Exhaling

    Love Yawn Just

    Another Always

    Beginning View SMiLing
    Zoe Through Shallows


    Mud Puddle



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