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Resolutionizing – June

Oh man – How is it time suddenly flying so fast?
With the lockdowns and mask-terror ending and work getting EVEN busier (when that shouldn’t be humanly possible – it’s scary to see how little time is actually in a day!
Plus, I can honestly say that things are just. going. great. I ‘blame’ most of that on loverboy, because having this thing called love in your life makes all the bleak dramas of daily life seem so much easier to cope with, withstand and turn around. I’m a happy girl. Even though I’m horribly overworked, angry at the numbers on the scale and generally not-in-a-blogging-mood (aka: happy!).

But hey. I’ve (hopefully) made it through the whirlwind of work – I’m ending the coming month with the start of a three week AND SO NEEDED vacation WITH the loverboy AND hopefully returning to a workplace that is less hyper in a world that is no longer under lock and key. Fingers crossed.

But – in the spirit of ‘better late than never’ – here’s the June recap I totally forgot to write:

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And there WERE a couple of blogs. Not a lot. Granted. But some!?
These were (mine and your) 5 favorites from the past month:
– On happiness – in general, in particular and in total and utter honesty
– A jab of truth
– I should know better
On the job
– Road to success

Outside of commenting on the Resolutions I feel need some backstory – I am going to keep it simple: Green are the resolutions I’ve (already) checked off the list. Fingers crossed you’re going to scroll and find some greens, right?!
Orange are the ones I’ve totally started on, attempted, am working on or have otherwise made some progress on. The unmarked ones…well. They shall not be mentioned. Until they’re mentioned. If they’re ever mentioned. Who knows!
And red. Well. Red are the ones that I’ve already failed. In month one. BUT (there’s always a BUT) will probably still be (re-)attempting for the remainder of the year ;).

ONWARDS – to full green! (Who am I kidding)


  • Land (at least) 5 >10m. deals successfully.
    This is definitely going to get crushedcrushedcrushed this year! With three wins already down (EZK, CJIB, VD) and one of the lost deals currently under review since some of the winners =possibly= cheated AND a whole bunch of other ones handed in – it’s safe to say that I’m expecting this to pan out just fine!
  • Get three additional certificates on relevant topics OR
    Oh. right. This was a thing. Whoops! Might have to look into this after the vacation!
  • Follow six non-certificate-yielding relevant work courses.
  • Do whatever is necessary (and actively check this with management) to get the needed functional grade for the 175% bonus in 2022.
    Gettting therrreeee!
  • Wear a costume in a Teams-call on Carnaval. And Christmas. And possibly Easter (I’d totally look awesome in bunny ears).
  • Donate the 2021 Christmas package to charity.
  • Don’t get a burnout. Or fired. Or in a fight with colleagues for no other reasons than them sucking (luckily, so far, all of them are pretty damn awesome).
    Made it through THE toughest month in my entire working career. AND alive. If I make it through July, I’m golden!
  • Start writing a book. Or collect blogs to add into a column-bundle. Or do something anything whateverything to get published work in book-form out into the world.


  • Keep. Blogging. In. 2021. (as in: the entire year!)
    Uhoh – with the dwinling numbers of post, I’ll have to climb back into the pen asap! But…I’m just so happy. What do happy people write about?!
  • Write (at least) 200 posts
    Uhoh! again!. I’m at 98 posts now, and with the current rate of posting…this might be getting tricky! BUCKLE DOWN I SAYS!
  • Find a way to ALSO make sure old content gets some luvvin’ every now and then.
    Did you read my top 5 yet? Which was your favorite?! :O:O:O:O
  • Get to 5.000 followers. Yes. Really. Gotta be ambitious, right?
    2600 people hit that follow button in June. Sick!
  • Get to 500 unique visitors in 1 day at least once.
  • Make a person laugh hysterically with a post. Or cry. Either works.
  • Do a monthly Resolutionized-update so I don’t ‘forget‘ that I’m supposed to be doing this.
    Does this one, even though it’s way late, still count? I say it counts. I promise to do better!


  • Fuck dating altogether for the entire year and take a Zoë-year OR
  • Do NOT ‘date’ any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags EVER again.
    AND (if I do end up dating)
  • No beards. Seriously. Just. No negotiating – no beards.
  • Stop downdating AND/OR downplaying myself just to appear acceptable and not-be-lonely.
  • Stop settling for soul-crushing limitations or demands and instead go for compromise-less loving.
  • Don’t opt for an imaginary boyfriend for lack of actual people potential. Pillows do not count.
  • Don’t drunk-booty-call any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags. Really. Don’t be that girl.
    IT was still only the start of the year that saw me failing this a bit,.


  • Make a new (group of) friends that DON’T all live at least an hour away.
    I’m too old for new friends. And corona ain’t helping. Boooo!
  • Spend more time with the far-away-bunch of friends.
    I am doing so much better here than expected. Social butterfly cocooning!
  • See actual people IN PERSON at least once a month. No hermitting.
    Aaaand yasss!
  • Write a letter to a friend telling them how much they mean to me. Try not to include swearwords too much.
    This is just gonna go to red at that end of the year. I was probably drunk when I thought this was a thing!
  • Post something non-selfie-related to Instagram every now and again.
    Ehh…right. Instagram exists! Oh dear!
  • Host a dinnerparty and actually COOK.
    Must, plan. party! Although – I did host an awesome bbq. But I made the guys cook, so I guess that doesn’t really count…
  • Do something wine-knowledge related (a workshop, or tasting or high wine) so you’re not just downing bottles but actually know something about their contents.
    HOW have I not checked this off yet?!
  • Do NOT. I repeat: do NOT install Snapchat. Or Pinterest. Ever. AND
  • Do not start Tiktokking. In any way, shape or form. You’re too old Zoë. Really. You are. Resist the temptation.


  • No more alcohol (during weekdays, and in the weekends only when in company).
  • Lose an additional 9.1 kilos to finally end up at a healthy 22.6 BMI.
  • Get a ton of exercise. Or at least – a bunch. Or you know – try to go walking for an hour at least once a week.
    You may call me couch potato.
  • Get my account balance/savings up to that number I internally discussed and at least stop spending fortunes on Thuisbezorgd.
    This is not really looking like a greaaaat month so far, is it?!
  • Don’t start smoking. Or get 12 cats. Or take up skydiving. Or become a vegan. Seriously. Don’t.
  • Actually finish watching Arrow.
    I watched a grand total of 0 Arrow episodes in June., Not. a. single. one. So still at 45. Damn it!
  • Keep the Christmas tree up year round. IT’S HAPPENING! Gotta make it to August!
  • Learn a new language
  • Play Zelda Breath of the Wild. Whether it’s at a friends or whether I manage to convince myself that I deserve a Switch. It must be played.

June was an awesome month. Just not when it comes to this list. Priorities can shift, I suppose! Butttttt – I’ma still get a bunch more greens in there before the end of the year! On to July!

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