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A jab of truth


Is returning to normal.

It might be slowly, but it definitely is surely.

And as survivors of the 2020 pandemic (doesn’t that sound dramatic), we can definitely say that we made it through all of the 5 stages of grief at one point or another:

The grief over the loss of life as we knew it. The loss of life-before-COVID. The loss of our taken-for granted freedoms and happiness and pretty much everything that came with our era of advancement.

They were all there. For me at least. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. And now, now that the world is at the precipice of opening…and the corona-era hopefully at a close: hope!

But still. Those 5 stages?

They were all definitely there.

Denial – when we first tried to reason away the ‘just-a-flu’ disease gripping us. Or, if you’re one of the anti-vaxxing crowd…still in that phase.

Anger – when we reared up against the doctors, the government, the rules and limitations and the general unfairness of our lives suddenly changing. Not to mention the working hours. Sudden changes. Deaths all around. All hell breaking loose. Really good time to get really really mad, right?

Bargaining – when we tried to find our way around rules. Looking for excuses why they wouldn’t apply. Why we felt ok taking the unnecessary risks. Why it was acceptable to break covid-regulations to keep our social lives intact. When we tried to explain thingsto our advantage. Bending and shaping rules so they might fit. Even though they never did. There sure was a lot of bargaining.

Depression – when, at some point, we all realised we’d have to buckle down. Actually grit our teeth. Take in the burden of obedience to make our way back to whatever this new normal will turn out to be. Forced into our houses. Our zoom environments. Our isolation and our own devices. When loneliness and hopelessness really got a hold and the light at the end of the disease-numbers-tunnel seemed impossibly far away.

Acceptance – When the vaccines where approved. When regulations were in place long enough for the most of the rowdy crowd to give in instead of fight. When we got used to living regulated and boxed in. And more importantly: When the invitations were sent. Limits lifted. Numbers went down. Quick.

Now my first vaccination will be jabbed into my arm on the 25th. The second one a month later. Now my country is opening its doors and borders again. Now all of the harsh rules and regulations are being lifted next week. Now I get to shop without a mask again. Play sports without a watchful eye on law enforcers showing up. Invite friends over without the curtains closed and return to life like it wasn’t derailed for over a year.

And now that final stage is here.

Hope – when we see the darkness winding down and the shimmers of light pointing us towards another round of taking-normal-life for granted. And though I hope we’ll be back to normal soon, with COVID as a bleak and distant chapter and memory of life…

I also hope we remember. Cause in the end. We’ll be the ones in the history books making it through all of those stages of grief. And thriving in spite of them.

I hope.

21 thoughts on “A jab of truth

  1. We were very lucky here in Perth WA, a few lockdowns here and there, certainly not as bad as Victoria. And yet when the rest of the world is travelling again we still won’t be allowed to leave Australia!

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    1. But…you get to live in AUSTRALIA!
      aka – you’re smack damn in the middle of what is a lifelong traveldream for most (including me). You could totally have it worse!

      But I’ll use my telepathic powers to make sure your travel is allowed soon too!


      1. That is true, but I would like to get back to the UK to see my parents who are almost 90. I keep urging them to take care although they have both had Covid which was very scary.

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  2. The tensions are mellowing with the weather, released from the restraints of an entire year, and now I’m spinning with gratitude. We made it through and for that I am ever so grateful! Looking forward to new opportunities. C

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  3. Congrats on your arm jab! I am still waiting for shot #2. It has been about 6 weeks but where I am in Ontario, Canada I am not eligible to book 2nd appointment until end of June. But I am still pretty comfortable with my first shot. I don’t know if we will ever truly be back to normal but I sure hope so! Enough is enough already……………great read Zoe.


  4. Great Zoe Glad To See You Finally

    Receiving Your Covid-19 Shot

    Truly All That’s Setting

    The United States

    Away From


    As It Sure Ain’t

    From Folks Caring

    About Their Neighbors

    Spreading It to them Unmasked

    Even in Local Churches 34 Percent

    Are Vaccinated Where i Live And Even

    Less Likely in the Predominantly Trump Devoted

    Church Pews Where All Restrictions Are Lifted Now

    In Social Distancing And Masking Thing is The Rates

    of Infection A Year Ago Were Close to Zero too There is

    A Delta Variant That Surely Killed Some Young Healthy

    Indian FRiEnDS in Their Twenties What’s Gonna

    Really S88K Is If the Ignorant Folks Close

    This Place Down Again Who Believe

    Bill Gates is Putting Micro-Chips

    And Such To Harm Them

    In the Vaccinations

    They Are Very Fortunate

    They LiVE iN The Richest

    Country Where at least

    The Non-Ignorant Will

    Continue to Afford

    Them Protection

    Where at Least

    34 Percent

    Are Fully Vaccinated

    That Way Against Human Ignorance
    And Group Think That Breeds Most

    Despicable Leaders And Minions Same

    in Scarcity Still Loves Misery and Suffering More..

    Already Shut-in With The Worst Pain Known to Humankind 66 Months

    Without Other Illnesses No Real Change For me as i DO How to Thrive…




    of Grief For me…
    It’s All Perspective
    And Fortune of Course too…

    It is Nice to Breathe Without A
    Mask Yet Meh.. Just Another Plate on the Barbell then…


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