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Still here

I miss you.
But you're still here,
And that feels kinda silly...
So I'll punch your shoulder and call you a weirdo.
Who's vulnerable now?

I miss you.
And you're still here,
Which totally feels stupid...
So I'll gnaw your thigh and get you a new drink.
Who's needy now?

I miss you.
Even though you're still here,
And no matter how stupidly silly that is....
I love how you make me miss you when you're still here,
Almost as much as I hate you leaving.

Who am I kidding.
I totally hate you leaving more.

But I love that I get to miss you.

Oh. And you.
Just sayin'.

10 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Sometimes,
    in the one moment,
    it’s like your jealous
    and lost
    and thrilled
    and sad
    every little tiny thing
    you’ve ever,
    ever been…

    just from reading someone’s heart,

    written in something almost like words.

    (Feel a bit more than this, but… well… all I can say right now)


  2. Love Living
    Proof of



    Falling More
    Yet RiSinG Same

    Just Always Staying

    Always Leaving Staying Forevermore

    For To



    is to


    Love Even More…
    For There is No

    Rolling Without Coasting Low..:)


  3. Emotions develop expression in the words we convey our messages for sure. Top blogger, poet, being Dutch (trying not to sound condescending), you can cultivate your tulips, love riding a bike, liberal and a fan of sex?!? X


  4. I miss people who aren’t there,
    maybe never will be.
    I draw them in the spaces
    like doodles made out of ghost stuff.

    I miss people
    who hide me like the clouds,
    shrouding the mountains.

    I miss people not like people at all…

    then find myself amazed
    when they miss me back.

    (in the interests of sharing and stuff)


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