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I should know better.

Every day – and I literally mean every single day – I do things that can only be qualified as ‘stupid’. Actually, plainly and undeniably stupid. For no other reason than me, apparently, being a stupid person. Yet, every time I undertake one of these stupid endeavors, I am well aware of the fact that it is – in fact – stupid. Which (if you’re being honest) makes the whole thing even more stupid.

Stairs, for instance. Stairs are one of my weaknesses.
My multitasking tendencies mean that I often think that I can combine my time spent walking up and down stairs with other tasks, so as to save mere moments of time. Now, if you grew up in a household that had any respect for safety – you will have been brought up on the wisdom that you shouldn’t run with food (or lollies, or forks or scissors) because you’ll totally fall and hurt yourself. Same goes for stairs. Don’t go up or down stairs too fast, or while holding evil objects or while unfocused.

Yet, now that I spent some time in loverboys house, who is the proud owner of a set of stairs, I see myself casting all of this wisdom aside. And internally yelling at myself for doing so, while still doing it.

Chargers, for one. I have this thing about taking chargers with me from the top floor to downstairs and the other way around. But I can’t be fucking bothered to pick up the entire cable.
Aka – I walk up those stairs with a cable dragging behind me. Which, as you might suspect, makes it an easy risk for tripping over said wire. And, seeing as I’ve already took a tumble down these stairs on that exact reason, is something I should NOT do. Yet still do. I’m stupid.

Clothes, even worse! Somehow my brain thinks that getting dressed halfway down the stairs is a smart move. It isn’t. Especially when you’re trying to survive a heatwave by slipping on a tiny dress, grandly nekkid, and getting stuck while throwing it over your head while taking the stairs. RISQUE!
Can you just imagine the scene if that goes wrong? I can. It ain’t pretty.
Yet after said incident I still found myself doing THE EXACT SAME THING this morning. Being acutely aware or the stupidness of it.

I should know better.
But I never learn.

Einstein would call me the stupidest of stupid.

16 thoughts on “I should know better.

  1. Hehe Zoe Humans Are
    Evolved To Focus
    On One Task Like
    The Other


    Where No

    Focus Means

    Losing Sight of
    Prey To Eat or


    to Be Eaten

    Just Remember

    If You Can And

    Will “The Concrete
    Jungle” Is Still A Jungle

    Yawn Humans Aren’t

    Nearly AS SMarT HeHe

    As We





    Fore i Dance🌊😊🕺


  2. You remind me of everyone in my family. We are all prone to doing “stupid” things that we should know better about. Like sitting at my desk at work. Never roll forward without making sure you’re lined up properly. Yet at least four times a day, EVERY DAY, I crush my knee into the side of the desk where the corner meets the handle of the drawer. Every stupid day! You would think that after literally a lifetime of crushing my knee to the point of tears I would learn. But NOPE!

    And every single thing you mentioned in this post is something my sister does daily. Well except the naked getting dressed. But she honestly thinks it’s a great idea to put her contacts in on the steps. That’s beyond dumb. She’s blind as a bat and decides “I can save three seconds if I just do it on the go. Then BOOM she’s on her butt. Although she is skilled – in a year and a half of daily repeats of the same episode, we only had to find her contact once. It always stays on her finger. But every day she complains about how hard she landed on her butt. But dies it again the very next day. To save MAYBE 3 seconds (if she didn’t fall) and she’s doing it because she’s already late and that 3 seconds means nothing anyway!


  3. I don’t think you’re stupid. God, I hope not, because that means I’m downright idiotic! It’s just one of the concessions we make for having busy lives. We multitask, we rush … our actions look stupid on the outside but meanwhile you’re focusing on the next big work presentation or blog or how you’re going to spend Friday night. At least that’s what I tell myself!!! And what I’ll tell the doctors right before they put me in straight-jacket! Lol

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  4. LOL! Every time I decide to walk my stairs at night without turning the light on, I tell myself it’s stupid, and I do it anyway 🙂


  5. Einstein would call you a normal human hurrying along trying to make the most at of a busy life. We all should know better but we still end up doing the same things over again. Love to you Zoe – do be careful not to fall however, Love Joni


  6. Sometimes we need to keep re-learning the same lessons over and over again until we get it right… but even then, sometimes we still don’t get it right. :[


  7. I have this tiny shed. With a door that is, so to speak, not as tall as me. I will say no more. My very professional office chair has a nice curved bar at the same height as my kneecaps. I often turn my chair before I sit down. I will say no more. And I could go on. But I am not going to.


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