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Try Again

There’s so much we can learn from games and sports, I think. They’re a reflection of life, in a lot of ways. Although I’m kinda obligated to say that since I’ve already written a bunch of posts of ‘things I learned through playing games like Candy Crush‘ (or skating, or playing softball, or tennis).

And since I am still an avid Candy Crush gamer – I’m going to continue in the tracks of that first Candy Crush post I made, and share some new brightly colored wisdom found in a silly mobile app.

It is true that Candy Crush teaches you to not give up on a first try. It is true that it teaches you determination, creativity and demands some sort of practice to make it through some of the levels. And it is true that by buckling up and powering through you will usually be able to crush the hurdle that is keeping you from reaching the top.

But sometimes it isn’t.
Sometimes it, just. isn’t.

Some levels in Candy Crush are NOT designed to be completed with the basic gameplay options and limits that you’re given. They’re not made to be completed with the initially provided number of moves and ‘normal‘ type of gameplay. They’re not. I’m sure of it. I just KNOW that there’s some developer wringing their hands and maniacally laughing when they’re creating the impossible.

For some levels in Candy Crush…the only thing you require to be able to win the game – is help. And though this ties in nicely to last weeks blog which shows just how sucky asking for help can be – I’m not talking about someone looking over your shoulder and telling you how it’s done. Nope. When it comes to Candy Crush…the help you need is often given to you by the game itself. Strange, but true.

You see….the aim for the creators of Candy Crush is…well…to actually keep you playing their game (and preferably buying all sorts of crazy extra, additions and thingamabobs to fill their pockets). And, with this being their aim, it is NOT in their best interest to actually implement impossible levels and KEEP them impossible. Can you just imagine how quickly that game would die if they did?

Nope. These game developers are fighting to achieve a precarious balance in which they provide a tough enough challenge for the players to keep them interested. An impossible enough level to seduce them into buying ‘extras’ to help pass a level AND enough loopholes to make sure the people that are unwilling to pay to win still keep playing to be open for seduction on another day. Tough ass job, I’d say.

So this is what often happens when it comes to me playing Candy Crush. And THIS is a wisdom you should also apply to life imho.

Sometimes…when things aren’t going your way….you just need to let them rest. Put down the phone. Go do something else. Go for a change of scenery, activity or find some comfort elsewhere. Stop trying. Grinding. Frustrating yourself in that one level you just can’t pass. Quit. For a bit.

Because when you do, in Candy Crush, the developers start to panic a little. Oh drat, she hasn’t opened the app in two weeks. Is she coming back? Was the level really too hard? Did we lose her? Crap. We maybe lost her. And to counteract that panic and to lure a person back in, they’ve implemented a BOATLOAD of things to make sure you…just…keep…playing.

Once you put down your phone and not crush Candy for a while, you’ll log back in to a hoard of bonuses. A plethora of extra moves. And an impossible level that you suddenly pass on your first attempt after a hiatus. I’m not even kidding. I’ve been stuck on levels for months, only to ignore the app for a while and come back and pass it.

I don’t care whether it’s the bonuses. Whether it’s the gods of Candy throwing you a bone. Whether it’s a fresh look, a new load of inspiration or just plain re-beginners luck…the truth is that often, when you stop trying your hardest all those times in a row – the next time you try it after having calmed down, reassembled your wits and got your ducks back in a row…you will succeed.

As you will in life.

There’s no use in getting frustrated when you can’t ‘get it right’ right away. There’s no use in trying to force things. Getting all cramped up, red faced and way-too-eager to get it done. There’s no use in talking yourself down, getting angry or letting things get you insanely sad, desperate or worse because honestly….some things in life ARE just impossible at the time you’re trying them. They are.

But just let them go for a little. Take your time. Recharge. And try them anew once you’re feeling it again and BAM. Life WILL throw you that bone. Because life, like those Candy Crush developers, want you to play its game AND keep playing it. So it’ll make sure you do.

If at first you don’t succeed…just wait a while and the magic will make sure you do anyway (and if that don’t work…try and try again!)

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