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Nostalgia Googling

Every now and then I get these moments where I suddenly see something that takes me back, way back. Moments where old memories come rushing in and where I’m flooded with nostalgia.

Not saying that I’m THAT old, looking back on a life well-lived, but I just apparently have one of those brains that makes obscure connections on unconnected things and then connects them to connecting back with my youth. I’m weird like that.

Yesterday it was someone clinging to Captain America like a little koala bear (the binge continues!) or capuchin monkey while in the air. Tooootal mindleap but I was instantly brought back to birthday parties at my aunts house when I was little.

We Dutch have this concept called ‘kringfeestjes’ which is pretty much the gruesome exercise where they turn a joyous occasion into an entire afternoon of obligatory sitting in a circle of chairs with the complete extended family while enjoying cake and coffee and meaningless pleasantries.

There’s no music. No booze. No fried goods or piñatas. No dancing, no bouncy castles. Just sitting. Talking at a normal volume. With people you’d just seen last week for a similar party and thus endup repeating the same topics.

Luckily – we kids were usually allowed outside where we’d take to the streets en masse and still had fun enough afternoons with the cousins. But not at this aunts house. She lived in a tiny apartment in the middle of a bustling city (for Dutch standards) and busy road with too much cars for us to go outside. So we were housebound while there.

Sometimes we’d get to watch a Disney movie on the vcr (ok, maybe I am getting old) but most times we’d battle over my aunts collection of animal pole magnetty things. I dunno how to describe ’em differently. But they were pluche soft animalshaped magnets whose arms and legs would lock when touching. So you could attach them to curtains. Or clip ’em around your finger. Or straws. Or the tablecloth. And so on and so forth.

They. Were. Awesome.

Which is why I decided I need some in my life. I mean. I have my own curtains now. And still have a taste for cliche, goofy, unnecessary house-additions that make me look like a child in a grownup body.

Sadly…when you Google animal pole magnets…you get a looooot of interesting suggestions…but not the right one. Not my aunts oldschool afternoon-and-life-saving magnets. Which would make sense, I suppose. I can’t actually believe they’d still make those things with their complete uselessness as actual magnets.

But still.

You better believe I’ma keep nostalgia Googling. Still looking for the cherry shaped weights to hold down tablecloths that my grandma used to have as well. Just for the hell of it.

27 thoughts on “Nostalgia Googling

  1. Interesting concept. The get togethers must have been key to form core memories which is nice. (Family and bonding) I can only imagine what came in that search 😏

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  2. I always thought kids were fortunate in that they didn’t have to sit around and make idle conservation, they could just go off and play! As an adult, I need alcohol at these types of events.

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  3. SMiles Zoe When i Was
    Little Hehe “In Those
    No Central
    Air Conditioners
    No TV No Radio

    Not Even “The

    Beatles Yet”


    Adults All

    Sitting Around A

    Kitchen Table Full

    Of Expressing Emotions

    Bringing Stories To Life

    Like Famous Poets



    Oral Tradition

    They Did It In A Way

    Where They Swept You

    Off Your Feet into Their




    Be That

    Soulful As

    At 7 Years old

    i Started Turning
    Into Our First Black
    And White TV Fast


    To Now
    i Am One
    Finger And


    On A 6-inch
    Screen Even With
    All These Functional


    i’m Still The
    Little Soul


    to Grow Up😜

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  4. Oh my, we’re on the same wavelength, I recently stumbled onto a letter I wrote my Mom before she died and I failed to post it. It slammed me back in time, it’s been an emotional week for me, and the little note I wrote her more than 5 years ago took me down. Weeping, messy, nostalgic warrior, C

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      1. I just posted two Amazon links. 1 for the animal magnets and one for the cherry weights. If this disappears again, I’ll scream!

        Btw: the word we use for useless stuff that we just like is chachkeys. It roughly translates to dust collector.

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      2. You’re welcome! I was so adamant that you get them, I linked to a post on my page where I can put all the links I want! Take that spam filter!

        Were the animals what you meant?

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      3. So you have to change them. They were creepy and grungy because they were probably ancient. So buy them, distort their faces by moving the fluff around, the catch a cat and rub it all over him. See if that works. If not, there’s always rolling it in dirt and trying to wash it 😂

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      4. Hahaha, awww, those poor things. Not even a creepy magnet animal deserves such treatment. I’ll just keep it to the cherries I now ordered. Even though that means I also need to get an actual tablecloth…I guess.

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