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Just so you know – I dreamed the newest Disney movie today.

A lovely girl, pride of her village of birds, is taken to flight rock as a part of growing up. She is the kindest, most beautiful, loveliest of all the birds. And it’s her time to learn to fly, and unite with a mate. Flight rock looms. It’s a rock facing a ravine as grand as the grand canyon where the chicks learn to fly. And as the mothers take their daughters by the wing and jump, each taking flight in the warm updraft coming from the tree filled ravine, she gazes at hers.

Her mother, looking at her from the edge of the cliff, can’t take her though. Her wing is broken. She can no longer fly. A paria to the community. Very sad.

Then an enthusiastic mother-daughter couple bumps into the mother on their way over the edge and mother falls. The girl thinks not even a second and drops after her mother, expecting to take flight. As she catches the mother and tries, she realises she can’t, so folds her wings around her mother to protect her from the crushing fall as they crash through the trees.

And wakes up as a two-legged-but-uneven orange root type of creature, about to be planted by what once was her mother. She tries to explain the circle of life to her once-daughter. Where she will be planted in the forest of love in this garden of life, to grow from a pod into a beautiful tree that will grant life to many more things yadayadayadaya. Your girl ain’t too interested, lemme tell ya.

Now ground-bound for real she makes a run for it, bumping into a boy-turnip who had the same idea. And as they make a break for it she hears it called after her that she will never leave the garden as long as she is loved by all (which she was in her life) but loved by none (cause she hadn’t found love yet).

Obviously the boy-turnip is her love-to-be and mad adventures will be had while trying to flee but I woke up before the ending (undoubtedly happy) and beautiful morale of the story (something like ‘love gives us life’) where she totally finds her way back to the real world to wake up looking in the eyes of her once-turnip-now-handsome-boy-bird-love.

But it was totally a thing. You should’ve been there. Really.

13 thoughts on “Roots.

      1. Oh i don’t think so, sounds like your normal and people who dont have abstract dreams are just without a good imagination, i sometimes write about my dreams but i would never publish them all because of the fear of being called a freak of nature lol lol you have yourself a lovely day my blog friend 💗🙏


  1. My my Thought This Was Gonna
    Be About Orange Skinny Jeans

    Very Tight Indeed Zoe

    And It Ended Up

    Disney World

    Instead How In the

    World Did You Dream

    What Happened to me Hehe

    It’s Not Funny Truly A Tragic

    Comedy This Will Be in Vegetable

    Gardens of Love Bunnies Munching Carrots…

    Other than That my Wife Planted A Vegetable

    Garden In A Flower

    Garden Lined



    Railroad Ties

    In Our Back Yard

    So Sad Grow the

    Vegetables With No Eden Treat..:)

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