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It’s in the details

I’ve never been one of those ‘the big picture‘ type of people. That’s a specialty and mindset that you either possess, or don’t I think – that way of seeing beyond your immediate vicinity and placing things in a grander context. Most people, admittedly, are just stuck in their own ‘little’ world.

Myself? I tend to get caught up in details. Lost in specifics. Stuck on minute points of irrelevancy that still need to be perfect. It makes me into a micromanager, oftentimes. Because when you put your heart and soul into the details you deem important – you tend to also lose that bigger picture.

Which is fine, surely. I’m 100% sure we need both types of people in the world. Because when you only see the greater potential of things, but forget to have the basic details in order, your ship is definitely going to crash before it reaches the next port. Although, granted, when you are fully absorbed in managing and perfecting details, it might never even leave the current one.

I’m reminded of this every so often. Mostly because I’m trying to get better at the big picture thing. Comes with the ambition to grow to a C-level position in a large company, I suppose. Because those folk are so far beyond details, that I often wonder whether they even remember they exist, judging from some communications I’ve come in contact with.

Yet, I’m also reminded VERY often of how awesome having a focus on the details can be as well. Because when they almost dismissed one of our bids today, on a minute detail that was missed by many – my hyperfocus made sure we spotted it just in time for correcting. A slight oversight that may have had big-picture-effects. And that’s life for you, right?

We forget that the little things matter, because when it comes to the big picture…they seemingly don’t. But then we also forget that it’s the tiniest cogs that make sure the big wheels start spinning. And it’s only when we have attention for both, that we find that middle way that leads to the steepest way forward, and the best results.

Can’t have the one, without the other. They complement each other. Strengthen each other. And even though they’re often polar opposites, they’re also integral parts of the whole. You can’t paint a big picture, without attention for detail.

And only the real artists know how to catch both sides in their paintings.

Guess I should have paid better attention in my arts classes in highschool :X.

11 thoughts on “It’s in the details

  1. ugh im a big picture type and it gets annoying not knowing the details. haha we gotta have each other’s backs on this i guess lol


  2. perhaps
    and yes
    but awsome
    no that word has
    been abused
    and now is excised
    from the lexicon
    and i still
    like something the dog dragged in
    zoe be cool
    and your posts
    rock the casbah
    ha ha ha~!


  3. It’s interesting isn’t it – how we are all so different, and yet how if it wasn’t for each other, the world wouldn’t be the place we all love and complain about so often 🙂

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  4. Beautiful: “Even though they’re often polar opposites, they’re also integral parts of the whole. You can’t paint a big picture, without attention for detail.”

    So recognizable. In a way I’ve a tendency towards ‘the bigger picture’ (but still have ‘just enough’ attention for (some) detail. It’s awesome to work with people that complement you while at the same time you respect each others ‘different’ point of view: Polar opposites (haven’t I heard this one before 😉) isn’t always about ‘division’, it can be a strength too … 😊

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  5. I regret, though, that an assumption is easily made that if you’re good at details, you’re not at seeing the big picture. I definitely need both, but people tend to think I’m missing the big picture as soon as I ask about some detail. And at the same time, I am apparently not supposed to think about the big picture. Or about too many detail either. Hahaha. But then again, I tend to get misjudged quite often…😒🤪


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