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Fuzzy bellies

One of life’s mysteries has been the topic of conversation with me and my friends today. You know, the kind of mystery that has been around forever but you never got around to solving, right?

So. Now that we’ve concluded that we cannot find any decisive and undeniably correct reason….it is time to ask you all for your wisdom.


Why. Why. Why – dear people…

Why…is it that guys always have a little ball of lint in their navels…while girls do not?

I used to think it must be a hair thing. Guys tend to have hairier stomachs..aka…things get stuck and fluff gathers. Makes sense right. But then. THEN. Then I dated smooth as fuck boys who still managed to have that fuzzy belly fluff, regardless of the hairy state of bellies. So what IS IT.

Do guys not know how to shower as well as us shiny perfect primped and precious ladies? Is it a magnetism thing? Do the fluffs grow in there instead of gather?


22 thoughts on “Fuzzy bellies

  1. We have specially made shirts that promote lint in the belly button. Just one of our many method’s to confuse and confound the opposite sex. And if we haven’t worn a shirt all day we go to the closet just to get some so the mystery will deepen for you. Plus it keeps the focus off our many other faults.

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  2. i Asked A Lesbian
    Friend For You Not
    Kidding She’s Washing Her

    Car in My Neighborhood
    Now She Said Obviously
    She (You) Haven’t Delved
    Into Enough Women’s

    Belly Buttons
    For Peer Reviewed
    Empirical Study Zoe
    Per Gender Difference
    In Belly Button Lint That’s
    The Blue Pill Answer The

    Red Pill Answer Is Sugar And
    Spice Women Tend To Clean
    Nooks And Crannies Cooking

    In ‘The Kitchen
    Better Than Men
    That’s my Wife’s
    Answer i Don’t Even

    Have To Ask As
    Her Belly Button
    Is Spotless And After
    31 Years Of Marriage

    No Proof
    That She’s
    Used “The Powder Room”

    Not Even Any Applications

    Of Make-Up As There Is

    No Before And After

    Her Studied

    So Far At

    Least i Will
    Continue Pursuing
    This Study Of The

    Origin Of Belly Button Lint 👨‍🏫

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  3. Smooth fuck boys…what could be worse!?

    I reckon it’s a combination of factors— fatness, hairiness, the clothes you wear, cleanliness. It’s interesting you posted about it though because I recently started getting this having never had it in my life. Three recent changes which could all be factors— strip-washing in my room to avoid communal areas of the house, washing less often, wearing cotton vests. I have a hairy belly but managed to avoid fluff before! I never understood what people meant by it, lol.

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