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I can’t even remember

Can you recall the last time you hurt?
Really hurt?

Hurt so bad you couldn't breathe?
Hurt so deep you couldn't see?
Hurt so much you couldn't bear?

I bet you think you can.
I bet you think you should.
I bet you think you have to. Need to even.

But I also bet that you don't.
That you can't really recall the burn.
The actual feeling.
The exact agony.

I bet you can't relive those painful moments.
Even when you try.
Even when you want to.

You might bring back a memory.
You might bring back an inkling of a semblance of a reminiscing moment in time.
Yet you won't be able to bring them back.
They're gone. As they should be. Swallowed by the past.

Because once the pain has passed.
Once you have moved on.
Once you've fought, and won, and conquered.
You'll find that pain will never return.

So when you're hurting now..
So bad that you can't breathe..
So deep that you can't see..
So much that you can't bear...

All you have to do is remember.
A time will come.
Where all you can say. Should say. Have to to say is:

'I can't even remember'.

29 thoughts on “I can’t even remember

  1. At Best Pain Before

    Now Zoe Is Just A Brief

    Reminder To Appreciate

    Pleasure Now

    Waves Rise
    Waves Fall

    Yet They

    Can And Will

    Fall And Rise

    At Best We Ride

    Low High High Low

    At Best We Continue Our Rides

    One of The Best Measures of Happiness

    Is Distance Between Riding High Low Waves

    For How
    Easy It is
    To Stand

    In Valleys



    Fall Of

    Mountain Tops Tall..:)

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