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Two days this week. Two days that I got to dress in normal clothes. Put on normal (instead of bad lighting and Microsoft Teams) make-up. And speak to normal (relatively 😈😈), actual, real life people.

It’s kinda shocking how ‘odd’ that feels after the year we’ve had. And how much I did-not-hate having to get out of the house. Excited to go to the office. Who knew.

What I DID get excited about was getting to wear shoes. Like. NICE shoes. Not fluffy housebound slippers. Or lazy socks. Or quickly slid on flats for ten minutes grocery shopping or ‘just something easy’ to make it from my door to his.

Nope. Yesterday I wore my pretty suede black little boots. And today it’s peeptoes. Sure. Maybe not ENTIRELY work-appropriate but sue me. They were begging me from the shoe drawer under my bed.



The thing about peeptoes, right…

Can you guess? It’s right there in the name after all. Your toes. They peep. Which means that your toenails are going to be visible. And lemme tell you, though I HAVE kept them painted throughout the pandemic (‘naked’ toenails look so freaky)…they haven’t exactly had regular touch-ups.

So this morning I find myself on the couch with 5 minutes before I have to leave – painting ONLY the two visible ones on each foot WITH the shoes already on, to cover various chips and growth. BAM. Feet look spliffy, shoes look great, life is good.

But I know that the rest of my toenails are a mess. I KNOW. Nobody else is going to see that. Nobody else is going to have a clue. I’m going to get compliments on the shoes. And the hair. And the dress. But way down below, hidden in these shoes. I’m a mess.

And that, my dear folks.

That is the strangest but most clear analogy for our mental wellbeing that I’ve ever found while getting dressed.

Because we so often put on a brave mask. We so often look all made up, and put together and well adjusted.

But you never know what’s going under the hood. In that head. Or behind the peeptoes.

So the next time you compliment someone on their shoes. Maybe also compliment them on their soul. They might need that a whole lot more, even when you don’t see it.

46 thoughts on “Peeptoes

  1. LOL! Fantastic time saver, might catch on when everyone heads back to the office.
    Also, really like what you do with these posts … play with something commonplace, study it until it yields a deeper meaning πŸ™‚

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  2. SMiles Zoe Cultures
    Vary A Rainforest
    Tribe Might


    Why Do You
    Wear A Spiked

    Torture Device
    On Your Foot




    At Least You
    Will Know

    They Are

    Than The
    Shoe Wondering
    What Would Make

    A Human
    Self Abuse
    Hehe Like
    This Honestly

    If We Could See our
    Selves Through Other
    Cultural Lens We Might



    Free Whatever That

    Means Whatever That

    Means Is Up to All Of Us


    It’s Nice
    To Feel Enough

    Folks Are As
    Big As The Raindrops

    And The Ocean Above

    The Sky 🌌

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  3. I need that kind of peep.
    My soul has been lurching towards it all year, like a floating puppy tongue, hovering round a mountain stream.

    Or like an over-active imagination looking for an analogy that won’t freak people out.

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  4. Love this one! Right β€˜on the nose’: β€œwe so often put on a brave mask. We so often look all made up, and put together and well adjusted.”

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  5. Incredible! What a beautiful and apt write up. It resonates, teaches and is humorous. Slots in the lesson when we least expected like the crafty parent slothing in the awful tasting medicine when the child least expected, yes in the slushy. We all have our messy toes.

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  6. Idk anything about wearing peeptoes (I didn’t even know that’s what they were called haha) But I def know a thing or two about putting up a faΓ§ade just to be able to make it through the day. Hope your soul is feeling as good as those four toes were haha


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