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I don't need to see you
To know that you're mine.
And don't need to feel you,
To have us intertwine.

But when you are not with me,
You best know that I pine,
To have you here beside me,
Cause together we're a sign...

For things yet to come,
And things yet to pass,
For things yet to happen,
And things yet to last.

Because us two together,
Makes more than just one.
And when we're in this one room,
All that once was comes undone.

Now that we are the future,
Now that we are to see,
That we are a promise,
And that we're meant to be.

7 thoughts on “Fated

  1. Love Is Storm Seeing
    Blues Become Blood




    Love Withstands

    All Of What Is Still To Come

    Batten Down the Hatches

    Secure the Sails




    Yet Never Give Up

    On Darkest Stormy Story Nights

    -Snoopy, Version Whatever

    ‘Twas A Dark
    And Stormy


    Ran Out of

    Version NuMBeRS Hehe Zoe..:)

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