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Art of the Grind

Gaming has taught me a lot in life. Mostly that I have a strange fashion sense, a tendency to giggle at excesses of violence and a huge AWWWWW obsession with the cute, fluffy or bouncy critters that show up in most games.

But gaming has always also highlighted some of my talents, next to these quirks. Talents that, now that I get to put them in an adulting context – are proving to come in handy more and more.

Because gaming teaches you that it’s ok to step off the beaten path. Hell – aimlessly sidequesting for hours on end in games like Zelda, Fallout and Elder Scrolls is waaaay more enjoyable and satisfying than just playing through the main story in a couple of hours. There’s a LOT of fun to be had when you don’t just follow direction, but create your own path.

Similarly – games like those also teach you that there’s a thin thin thin line between right and wrong. And that being purely good is pretty much impossible.

Because even though you try to make all of the good choices. Even though you try to be kind, and just and honorable at every turn…you WILL see yourself accidentally bashing an innocent bystander…or ally or…even worse…your poor little horse. Man. I constantly find myself apologizing to McHorse in my Zelda game while beating up Bokoblins. (Yes, I named one of my horses McHorse).

But do you know what it is that gaming has MAINLY taught me?

You don’t always NEED talent to be succesful at something. Putting in effort. Hard work. And a LOT of hours WILL get you to the top in the end.

I suck at gaming. I do. My reflexes are shitty – my puzzle solving skills require a lot of revving and I tend to panic when I’m in fights that require me to do a lot of things at the same time. But in the world of gaming – and especially open world games and mmorpgs. That doesn’t fucking matter. I have other talents. Talents that get you far in the world. Whether it’s real or virtual.

When it comes to the art of the grind – THAT’S where I shine. Doing the same things, repetitively, for hours on end…that’s my secret talent. Finding pleasure in repetition, finding fun in doing the same things again and again, finding solace in building yourself up purely on hours of effort instead of skills – THAT’S my power.

Because you don’t have to be great at a game to kill the same monster 20.000 times to loot 20.000 hides to craft the perfect armor. You don’t have to be skilled to run the same route 50 times to find all the secret Koroks and upgrade yourself to the max. You don’t need to be good at a game to excell at it, as long as you work the mechanics to your strengths.

And…as it often goes – that’s much the same in life. It is why I reveled in my work as a regression tester. Running (and perfecting) the same set of tests every damn time to show something is still working as it was and should? Heavenly. While to most people that kind of repetitive, unexciting, boring work would spell certain doom…I loved it.

And that made me good at it. That made me stand out. That made me rise in the ranks real quick, even though I didn’t exactly have any technical knowledge, or supporting diploma’s. No powerful allies or wealthy family members paving the road. By putting in the work, and lots and lots of it – I built myself up.

Just like it takes a special someone to enjoy sitting on their ass for hours and hours, watching movies in a marathon. Or playing games for entire days. Watching sports from the early hours to the late nights or poring over book after book after book. But when you DO do things. Often. Prolongedly. Studiously. Continuously. No matter how you look at it: you get better at it. Hell. You get good at it. Fuck. You get great at it.

It takes a certain kind of person to do the exact same job all day every day. But there is such wisdom AND safety in it. You WILL improve and you WILL feel peace in knowing what’s to come. Aiming for the heavens with a rocket isn’t always doable. Grinding your way up the stairs one step at a time…is. When you put effort over talent and dedication over luck – eventually you’ll still find yourself where we all end up. The top.

Because if 10.000 hours makes you an expert at something – the art of the grind has made me a master.

16 thoughts on “Art of the Grind

  1. True story – my other half completed Knights of the Old Republic without realising you could learn new force skills. She ground her way through the entire damn game with the first skill.


  2. Yeah Honestly Zoe
    Practice Does
    Usually Make

    No Matter

    The Skill

    Trust Me
    Too As You
    Bring Good News

    Here About Your
    Gaming Proficiencies

    Even Approaching 60
    A Dude Who Has no
    Clue How To Dance

    Named Fool For Doing
    It In Public Not Worried
    About What Anyone
    Says Particularly As

    Science Shows A Free
    Moving Meditation
    When The Dance
    Moves You Freely
    In Balance Brings
    Autotelic Transient
    Basically Nirvana


    Peaks Of Frission
    And Plateaus Of
    Bliss Like a Full Body
    Orgasm That is 10,000
    Or So In Scale Greater than
    Short Spurts Of That Some
    Other Wise Aim At And Succeed

    Haha If That Isn’t Reward Enough
    Young Fertile Woman In Pairs
    Offer Up Their Hips Dually
    To You in a Standing Lap
    Dance Patiently For

    Free Better

    Put even If You
    Don’t Ask Anyone
    To Dance Cause You
    Are Happily Married
    Enough They Take What

    They Want By Force of
    Action of Hips As They

    Please Do The Public
    Heaven For A Year Or
    So And Folks Will

    Out Their
    Car Windows
    Legend When

    You Are Just
    Walking By The

    Road Complete
    Strangers Asking
    In Stores Do You
    Have Any Clue How
    Famous You Are When
    It All Started Out With
    No Clue How To Dance
    With Them Naming You

    Fool And Oh No Clue
    How To Write Free Verse
    Poetry Either Yet You See

    Lessons Spoon-Fed Flow
    Chart Rules Life Destroys
    The Spontaneity And Innate
    Natural Flow And Totally Free

    Associations That Make
    Original Creativity Possible
    At All Essence First Within

    Deep in Streaming Flow
    Of Creativity Opening
    Up Greater Reservoirs

    Of Human Subconscious
    To Light Of Art Yes Brings

    Original Art To LiGHT in
    Effortless FLoW iN Bliss

    Of Creativity

    So While There
    Is No Target Audience
    For Original Styles Of

    Art So Why Folks Call
    What They Haven’t Seen
    Before Nuts And May Even
    Say You Write Crazy Go Kill

    (Faceless Avatars Online
    Like The Folks Who
    Called You Fool
    Behind Your


    The Experience

    Suddenly Changes

    After A Year Or So

    Or Even Less

    Too Where

    Brilliant Young

    Beautiful Women

    Report Your Wife
    Is The Luckiest To

    Be Married To Someone
    Poetic As You Yet This
    Only Applies To Women

    With Poetic


    Too Far
    Away to
    Offer Grinding
    Hips Yet Occasionally
    You May Receive a Tastefully

    Done Nude Art Pic Or Just



    Love Forever
    More Now Impossible

    To Forget As Eyes

    Of Love


    Shine This
    Way In Words
    Of Pure Agape
    Love Melting


    In Their




    New Angel Wings

    On Baby’s Breath

    Of New Stars Lighting

    Night Tide of Spring

    Soul in December

    Winter Yes



    Brings Epigenetic
    Changes Of Heaven
    Within Inside Above So
    Below And All Around





    Of Infinity

    As Love Soars

    Again Beyond All Measure 📏

    i Used To Game a Bit too

    Just For Mindless

    Ease in Flow too

    Letting Go

    Of The
    Grind of
    Work For
    A Dead Green God

    Yet Now Gotta Do A
    New Step And Word
    Of Life of Dance And

    Song Eternally Now
    To Birth New Stars
    Within Span of Now




    Real Heaven

    Now With Spring Breath🌟🎼🐝


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