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Fearless – NOT!

We’re taking the Easter weekend as an excuse to binge all of the Jurassic movies that have appeared on Netflix.

(And increasing my Zelda chances from non-existent to not-instantly-dieing)

((And putting kittens in a blender))

(((NOT AN ACTUAL BLENDER! It’s a cardgame, don’t worry)))

But me…binging Jurassic Park? That’s surely something I’d never expected myself to say! Because for as long as I remember…Jurassic Park has been my nemesis in the field of scary movies.

I’ve always laughed my way through all of the Paranormal Activities. Giggled my way through the hilariously bad effects of things like The Nun and Saw and Chucky and pretty much anything else that’s supposed to give you nightmares. Ain’t nothing too scary for this chick (even though I dislike psychological thrillers and horror movies on the whole…I CAN watch them, no problem)

And sure. Jump scares really do make me jump. I won’t deny this. Especially when it’s in a dark scene in a dark room…cause I can’t see a damn thing in the dark (extra challenging when driving at night, lemme tell you, when the only thing you CAN see is the white road divides or taillights of the car in front of you). Or when there’s things involved that are being shoved under nails and the like, to give you the real life cringe for imagining the pains.

But gore? Blood? Parts splattering in different directions or limbs unpleasantly separated from others? Not a problem. I can do scary movies. Easy. Unless they were the first Jurassic Park movies. No way Jose. Up until this weekend, at least!

I dunno whether it was the childhood trauma of that first time I watched Jurassic Park. Literally through my fingers clamped over my eyes, held breath and tears streaming down my face because of those damn raptors living it up on an island. Or whether it was the excellently executed moments of suspense and BOOM RAPTOR IN YO FACE scares that are abundant in it. All I know is that I never made it through that movie without some tactically planned peebreaks or other distractions.

But yesterday…I managed. We watched Jurassic Park. And I really really watched!

Personal growth ya’ll. Just kidding. I still flinched at the kitchen scene and compound fight and and and. But I made it through.

I suppose having someone next to you that makes you feel really, genuinely safe makes all the difference. Perks of boyfriends, people. You can conquer Jurassic Park!

But I’ll still exit the room when they take out the bamboo shoots to shove under nails. Just saying. That’s not ok!

19 thoughts on “Fearless – NOT!

  1. Hahah – I couldn’t sit through Jurassic Park either when I was younger but now I really enjoy watching scary horror movies all alone in the dark – nothing can scar me as much as adulting already has. 🤣

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  2. Oh Zoe You
    Are So Creative
    And So Very Funny

    Joy Coming
    Here Everyday!

    Oh By The way
    i Wear A Costume
    Too Underneath



    In Warm
    Gulf Waters Hehe






    Are Among
    My Favorites
    And Godzilla


    Said i Am
    Special And




    Snow Flake too Cold 🥶

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  3. Haha I tried watching these movies with my boyfriend at the time (who loved them) and he wasn’t all that comforting because he enjoying watching me jump out my freaking skin about 100 times 🤣🤣 thanks for the follow as well ☺️ I look forward to binge reading your blog

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    1. Whaha – that’s just evil!
      And relatable, I was laughed at for almost jumping off the couch at one point as well. But then again, that must’ve looked hilarious so I can’t really blame him XD

      Welcome, btw!
      Enjoy the binge >:)

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    1. I know right?!
      Those dino suits make everything look friggin comical. They’re awesome!
      I can spend hours just looking at those little clips of people in the suits going nutso XD

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      1. Yp. Dark and eerie. Not good. That’s why I can’t do horror movies or haunted houses 🙂


  4. Jurassic movies are my 6 year olds favorites!
    They are classics for me, but what they have created these days are really crazy. I am terrified of scary movies and my husband loves them. The entire Conjuring series was really a “treat” to watch. NOT!!!
    I keep my blanket close by and my husbands body. I still do the opened fingers in front of my eyes too. Where I can see some but not all. I’m a Pansy and I don’t care. I applaud all who can watch and not be afraid to leave their feet out of the blankets at night or let their leg hang over the bed. I still believe something will be behind the shower curtain when I go in, scary movie or not.

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    1. That last line is exaaaaactly why I’m so happy that my current place has a shower with transparant doors. No more scary bathroom moments!

      And seriously? A six year old is tougher than me now? Darn.


  5. Congratulations on the personal growth you experienced over the weekend, Zoe! I, for one, don’t know why there’s even a genre for horror movies. What’s to like about blood, gore, heart-thumping tension, extra-loud noises, etc? That’s not my idea of entertainment or fun. (I suppose just 10% or less of the population join me in my aversion!)

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