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Resolutionizing – March

We’ve survived three months of 2021 already ya’ll. Isn’t that insane?
I think it is!
Usually – the wintermonths seem to crawl by for me, with the sun gone and temperatures down…I don’t really come alive until well into April and then suddenly it’s October again. Usually. This year though – the start of the year has flown by. And with so many changes!

March has brought me DUNDUNDUN….A BOYFRIEND!
A real one, not the imaginary kind (as mentioned in this list of resolutions). And all of the happiness that comes with that ‘simple’ fact. It’s also brought me a workload that’s legit probably going to kill me over the course of April, but hey, at least I got a salary increase to soothe the pain. A little. Never enough.

But looking back: March was FLIPPING AWESOME. And I’m expecting the rest of the year to follow suit!

Need a refresh?
Find it here:
– The original list
– The January overview
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And did you miss out on some of my blogposts?
These were (mine and your) 5 favorites from the past month:
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– Reasons to love
– Kittastic Boobytraps
– The Sudoku of Life

Outside of commenting on the Resolutions I feel need some backstory – I am going to keep it simple: Green are the resolutions I’ve (already) checked off the list. Fingers crossed you’re going to scroll and find some greens, right?!
Orange are the ones I’ve totally started on, attempted, am working on or have otherwise made some progress on. The unmarked ones…well. They shall not be mentioned. Until they’re mentioned. If they’re ever mentioned. Who knows!
And red. Well. Red are the ones that I’ve already failed. In month one. BUT (there’s always a BUT) will probably still be (re-)attempting for the remainder of the year ;).

ONWARDS – to full green! (Who am I kidding)


  • Land (at least) 5 >10m. deals successfully.
    |Progress is being made! Last Monday we got the news that we won our first big deal of the year. Huzzah! And since I’m currently working on 4 more simultaneously (inhumane!!) AND we have two already turned in waiting for results…the year is looking promising!
  • Get three additional certificates on relevant topics OR
    A rematch will be required for February’s certificate, because I couldn’t be bothered to attend 5 evening classes with a new boyfriend to hang out with. Priorities man!
  • Follow six non-certificate-yielding relevant work courses.
    (Did attend one more ‘regular’ course. So only two more to go!)
  • Do whatever is necessary (and actively check this with management) to get the needed functional grade for the 175% bonus in 2022.
    Pretty much ties in to my success on item number one of this list, so that’s pretty damn easy.
  • Wear a costume in a Teams-call on Carnaval. And Christmas. And possibly Easter (I’d totally look awesome in bunny ears).
    I have not yet located any bunny ears, so I think this might have to wait til Christmas. Especially since I forgot Carnaval even existed – since Corona forced it into virtuality and nobody around me celebrates.
  • Donate the 2021 Christmas package to charity.
  • Don’t get a burnout. Or fired. Or in a fight with colleagues for no other reasons than them sucking (luckily, so far, all of them are pretty damn awesome).
    (We’re getting reinforcements next month. So if I survive April…things might get a little easier!)
  • Start writing a book. Or collect blogs to add into a column-bundle. Or do something anything whateverything to get published work in book-form out into the world.
    Not. Even. Close. I don’t think I’ll get anything done here, truthfully. I like blogging, but I doubt I’d actually write anything worth reading to non-blogging folk. Bust!


  • Keep. Blogging. In. 2021. (as in: the entire year!)
  • Write (at least) 200 posts
    I’m finding it hard to believe, but so far I’ve written 65 (!!!) posts in 2021 already. And that’s in three months time. Guessing the 200 mark should be definitely doable, even now that I’ve found some male distractions in the weekends!
  • Find a way to ALSO make sure old content gets some luvvin’ every now and then.
    As you might’ve spotted above – I’m going to start adding a ‘things I posted’ section to these monthly posts. Highlight my 5 favorite blogs of that months. Maybe you’ll find something in there that you missed!
  • Get to 5.000 followers. Yes. Really. Gotta be ambitious, right?
    Some progress was made this month, though not enough to come close to 5000 by the end of the year. But hey. baby steps. Went from 2078 to 2270 as I;m typing this. Still almost 200 new people to bug with these posts!
  • Get to 500 unique visitors in 1 day at least once.
    What was I even thinking?!
  • Make a person laugh hysterically with a post. Or cry. Either works.
    If comments are to be believed: SUCCESS. Yay. I truly do revel in the knowledge that my words might actually affect someone to this extent. MOAR, MOAR!
  • Do a monthly Resolutionized-update so I don’t ‘forget‘ that I’m supposed to be doing this.
    BAM! Three down!


  • Fuck dating altogether for the entire year and take a Zoë-year OR
  • Do NOT ‘date’ any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags EVER again.
    AND (if I do end up dating)
  • No beards. Seriously. Just. No negotiating – no beards.
    Yup. Loverboy is incapable of even growing a full beard so FUCK YEAH! No beard-rashes on my skin in the times to come! Woohoo!
  • Stop downdating AND/OR downplaying myself just to appear acceptable and not-be-lonely.
    I’m pretty sure the boyfriend actually LIKES me for all the crazy that is within me.
  • Stop settling for soul-crushing limitations or demands and instead go for compromise-less loving.
    He’s mine. And mine alone. RAWR!
  • Don’t opt for an imaginary boyfriend for lack of actual people potential. Pillows do not count.
    Even though I hate the date (05-03-2021 is way to many odd numbers, and I’m an even numbers girl) – he’s very very real! And yay.
  • Don’t drunk-booty-call any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags. Really. Don’t be that girl.
    I haven’t even been drunk at all. And only booty-call the new boo, Who likes it.


  • Make a new (group of) friends that DON’T all live at least an hour away.
    Yeah. No. Fuck corona, plus, seeing as loverboy lives an hour+ away…I’m assuming any new friendships that come from meeting his friends will not qualify here. So blah..
  • Spend more time with the far-away-bunch of friends.
  • See actual people IN PERSON at least once a month. No hermitting.
  • Write a letter to a friend telling them how much they mean to me. Try not to include swearwords too much.
  • Post something non-selfie-related to Instagram every now and again.
    Not. A. Single. Post. Maybe now that softball training has started again…I might. Maybe.
  • Host a dinnerparty and actually COOK.
    There were plans. Then the plans were cancelled. Then the plans were back on but I couldn’t make it. So no. No luck yet :(.
  • Do something wine-knowledge related (a workshop, or tasting or high wine) so you’re not just downing bottles but actually know something about their contents.
    Nothing done so far. BUT I’m totally going to order a winetasting set and organise a wine-night this month. Volunteers will be found later. Or there’s just more wine for me, and I’ll get beer for the boo.
  • Do NOT. I repeat: do NOT install Snapchat. Or Pinterest. Ever. AND
    Still going strong!
  • Do not start Tiktokking. In any way, shape or form. You’re too old Zoë. Really. You are. Resist the temptation.
    I don’t even think I opened the app this month. So far so good!


  • No more alcohol (during weekdays, and in the weekends only when in company).
    I’m bettering myself, totally! No fuck-ups this month. The only booze I imbibed was in good company!
  • Lose an additional 9.1 kilos to finally end up at a healthy 22.6 BMI.
    Ok. Lets just. Not. Mention. This. Although I started back on a crashdiet Modifast attempt AND get to train outside again. Better hopes for April!
  • Get a ton of exercise. Or at least – a bunch. Or you know – try to go walking for an hour at least once a week.
    I trained Monday. I can barely bend my knees now. I’d say that counts as exercise!
  • Get my account balance/savings up to that number I internally discussed and at least stop spending fortunes on Thuisbezorgd.
    The Thuisbezorgd thing…It’s confronting how much I STILL order in even though I feel like I’m trying to order in less and less. But hey, I did get a salary increase and my bonus will be in my April salary, so steps will be made in the right direction!
  • Don’t start smoking. Or get 12 cats. Or take up skydiving. Or become a vegan. Seriously. Don’t.
    -Flex- Owning this one!
  • Actually finish watching Arrow.
    Started March with 85 episodes to go. Cried my way through a whole season. Down to ‘only’ 68 episodes now. God. I hate this series.
  • Keep the Christmas tree up year round. IT’S HAPPENING! Gotta make it to August!
    Still worth the increase in my electricity bills!
  • Learn a new language
    I did install Duolingo. I guess that counts for something, right?
  • Play Zelda Breath of the Wild. Whether it’s at a friends or whether I manage to convince myself that I deserve a Switch. It must be played.
    Now to actually get decent enough to DARE to keep playing it.

10 thoughts on “Resolutionizing – March

  1. Hehe i rarely to never Write A To Do List

    On the other Hands Dear

    Zoe Baby


    i Write An

    Average of 100,000

    Words A Month Just For Fun

    Everywhere All Around A Globe

    Now Just A Collection of Letters to

    Copy And Paste From all i Meet And

    Greet And Yes Yes Dance in Public

    Around 166 Miles Masked

    A Month Still Only



    of SMiLES

    All Around And

    Getting Noted As

    ‘Famous’ By the Lady

    At the Car Wash Close to all

    the Other Monster Trucks And SUV’s in the Vacuum

    Cleaning Garden in my Little Economical Civic

    Coupe Honda Hehe

    Wonder What

    Fun i will

    Up Next

    Truly i don’t
    Even ‘Think’ About

    It all Magic In Flow it

    Just Naturally Happens
    First And Then i Write my Did last HAha…

    And Of Course it Helps That My Wife Takes Care

    Of All the Rest While i Snap Photos to Record Heaven Now..

    my Version

    at Least


    to Give

    And Share Free Now

    Ah to LiVE iN A Real New

    Renaissance And Truly BREaTHE Free..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you’re really happy with what you’ve done so far this year! 😊 Also the thuisbezorgd thing… Same problem here; there’s too much good food in the city and too few good ideas to cook yourself.


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