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Knowing that you don’t know!

When things get really busy at work – I start noticing that I’m doing (even) more work than I’m usually doing by the amount of worrying and procrastinating that finds its way into my day. I wouldn’t yet call it stress, but it’s definitely something resembling the makings of it, I suppose.

I’ll suddenly find myself doing my taxes (only to find out I’m not even required to this year), because I don’t feel like doing the 500 things I should actually be doing on my list. It’s a Spongebob thing, as I once explained.

Even worse, however, is when the worrying starts. Because the more things that I SHOULD be doing and SHOULDN’T be forgetting. And the more things I have that I need to keep track of, or be knowledgeable about…the more I realize how much things I DON’T yet know. Crucial things. Things I suddenly can’t live without knowing anymore. Which leads to ever more procrastinating.

Like how the hell I would respond if my toilet suddenly started overflowing. I wouldn’t even know how to turn off the main water thingy. Or where to find the damn thing. Or how to deal with the aftermath. Or who to call.
Or I’ll see myself pondering why I would ever dare to buy mushroom mixes in the supermarket. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to discern a poisonous variety from the edible ones. Not that I eat mushrooms. But seriously – it’s a lot of good faith, purchasing those!
And have you ever figured out why, as a kid, you used to be so great at eating ALL of the trash foods you’d want without gaining all of the weight and all of the tummy aches – and these days…even thinking about drinking an energy drink makes you gain three pounds and horrible acne?

Secrets of life man. Secrets of life. And all much more important than the question of ‘how am I ever going to get all of this work done?’ imho.

Today I found myself wondering about the incapability that we (or, at least I) have to actually quantify how much one loves someone else. Brought about by me jokingly responding ‘I love you more’ to an ‘I love you’. Only to realize that I wouldn’t be able to ever prove that, even if it WERE true. Cause there’s no way of actually stating something like that with surety, right?

I say ‘I love you’ all the time. To friends, my nana, to loverboy these days. The words don’t come that hard once I’ve figured out that loving them is a thing. But how much do I love them? And is that enough? What’s the currency we could and/or should calculate love in? It’s really just a containerterm for something that I can’t quite put my finger on, and on busy days like this, that suddenly bothers me. Go figure.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Sure. But HOW MUCH IS THAT THEN?
Phrases like that, when considered, are pretty much equally empty as the amount we might love someone. I love you loads. Loads of what? How many? What does it mean? I love you deeply….
Really? How deep? And deep into what? Huh? It just sounds perverse when you think about it. I love you to the moon and back. But is that a lot? How far are we with intergalactic travel in this phrasing? Surely to the moon and back isn’t very impressive if we’re actually promoting Mars as a tourist attraction within a couple of years, right?

Now. I guess I know that it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH you love someone, because love in itself is already a goal, and true, and pure and shouldn’t HAVE to be quantified. But it just annoys the hell out of me that I CAN’T. Not because I want to, but because I couldn’t even if I did. There’s just no way of accurately measuring something as elusive, yet natural as love. Freakydeaky.

Something I’ll never figure out, I’m guessing.
Much like I’ll probably never know for sure why milk from a mug tastes infinitely better than milk drank from a glass, while cola drank from a glass tastes ever so different than when drinking it from a can. And why drinking anything from a paper straw sucks SO MUCH more than drinking from plastic ones, regardless of how bad it is for the environment. Is that purely psychological, or is that actually a taste thing?!

And how much do I love drinking any of those things?
And I should be working.
Damn you brain.

15 thoughts on “Knowing that you don’t know!

  1. Life and love generate effort, but effort will not generate them. Faith in life, in other people, and in oneself, is the attitude of allowing the spontaneous to be spontaneous, in its own way and in its own time.

    Your blogs are a perfect example of this 👌 Writing that is full of the expressions of life and love. Which is why I love reading them

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  2. Focus…



    Such A Hide And
    Seek Game FOCUS

    Plays Oh How Many Ripples

    In Ponds For Each

    Rain Drop That

    Falls Make



    Chicken Little
    Fears Feel The

    Sky Is Falling The
    Sky is Falling Fast

    Cry Wolf or We Shall
    Surely Be Bit By The Next


    Drop for

    True A Hair Out

    Of Place May Mean

    Ripples of Water or An
    Otherwise Tidal Wave

    At An Otherwise




    Will Surely

    Drown Us Unless

    Somehow We Focus
    Focus FOCUS on one

    Task in Flow




    When All We

    Are Doing is Dancing

    For Fun It’s True A Satisfied

    Mind Finds Peace And Harmony

    Stress that Is Simply

    The Fears



    Within Yes The


    And Neurochemicals

    We Never Meditatively

    In Flow find The Autotelic

    Biofeedback to Master

    Ripples We

    Feel No


    How Hard A

    Zillion Raindrops

    Make Ripples in

    Never Ending Oceans

    We Are The Wave Ocean

    Water Whole Complete

    In Laser


    Flow Within

    Beyond All

    Distractions it’s

    The Feeling That

    Turns The Ripples

    Of The Other Feelings

    Of Worries Out of The

    Way Yes i Have Five Senses

    That Remember it All A Rote

    Memory that Takes in All


    Constructs Too


    Hard To Let

    Go Of The


    Of The

    World Tween

    A Pair of Fredenstein

    Shoulders Years Of Some
    Kind Of Practice in Meditative
    Flow it May Take Yet once Ya

    Mind Within And

    Keep It Calm Ocean
    You Will Be Observing

    Folks Scream
    In Yours



    The Sky is
    Falling As they
    Swear There is An
    Extra One in The Night
    Sky Not There Before




    You Get

    Rid Of That

    Star When Other

    Folks Scream in Your
    Face other Than You



    Only Will

    You Master the
    World Yet what’s

    All Around Us When

    Others Don’t Master

    Theirs So Easy to See

    When You Arrive

    And Dance

    The Rice Paper

    With Ease Under

    Hurricane Force Human

    Conditions All Around

    For Distraction Focus



    Find FOCUS

    And Every




    More Proficiently

    Than Ever Before

    Like Writing A Bunch

    Of Words Just to Feel

    The Bliss Of Flow

    No Matter

    If Anyone

    Heaven Or
    Not Oh Lord

    i Understand
    Runaway Minds
    With Runaway


    of Worries

    This Shadow

    Left Unmastered

    Will Otherwise



    Slave For
    Life Master

    Emotions Senses
    Integrating Those

    Then Spirit Winds Mastering

    Precede All Peaceful Thoughts

    You Love And Not The


    Of The


    Of The


    All to
    At Once 💣 🌎 💣

    The Sky Is Always

    Falling Yet What We

    WiLL Hold Up Most FOCuS 🧘

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  3. Love this musing. I’ve been drafting a post on love and what “I love you” means but I’ve never thought about it this way. Very true—you can’t quantify it…and maybe you could rank your love? But what good does that do? And how do you differentiate and rank between your love for two children, or two life-long friends, etc.?

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