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The Trash Game

There’s been times in my life where I found myself in the car a lot, driving long stretches of road or spending loads of time stuck in traffic. And at some point, after your make-up is all done, and you’ve had a quick stare into all of the adjoining cars to determine whether there’s a traffic flirt to be had – you’re going to find yourself in need of something to do.

I solved this in a way that (hopefully) has also yielded me a boatload of karma points in the past, and will continue to do so in the future: by playing the Trash Game.
The Trash game – to elaborate – consists of spotting and counting the amounts of a certain type of trash you encounter along your travels while driving.

When I started it years ago, it was always discarded McDonalds items that I counted, because they always made me kinda hungry and realize how close the nearest Mac would probably be (which, as a McDonalds addict was always good to know).

The goal to the game is simple: count as many of the selected items while you’re driving and, if the results hit a certain threshold – win a prize. The prize, in my version of the game, was that when I hit embarrassingly high digits, I’d bring along a trash bag on my next (Poke) walk or skating trip and pick up random trash along my route as a means of decreasing the litter in the world even slightly, even though I couldn’t pick up the Trash Game items.

Let me tell you: I picked up a LOT of trash over the years.

These days, however, to stay in line with the pandemic – I switched my approach. Because as I made my way to the office yesterday, for the first time in four months (YIKES!) I counted a whopping 21 discarded face masks swinging from trees, pricked up on bushes or tumbleweeding across the road.

So my Trash Game has evolved to counting facemasks now, and if I make a trip where I count 20 or more, it’s litterpicking time. I’ll have my work cut out for me this week. If the code yellow wooshy winds die down and actually allow me to go out skating again.

24 thoughts on “The Trash Game

  1. What a great idea! Here in South Africa, we have so much trash lying around, it would take way too long to count all of it – yikes.

    All the best, Michelle (

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  2. I want to walk and pick up trash so bad!! My little ones are just too little yet for me to be traipsing around picking up nasty stuff off the roads lol a girl can dream tho. Nice game! ❤️

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  3. This might be the most interesting post I will read this morning. You had me smiling. I too often notice trash but my response is frustration that people dump and expect others to clean up their mess. It is a useless type of frustration and difficult to release. I still see lots of trash from fast food places like McDonalds or coffee places. It would nice to see a viral situation arise where people all pick up one piece of someone else’s trash on our walks. Gradually it would spread I hope and raise awareness.

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  4. WoW! Inspiring (thoughts).
    Ab example for many.
    Both the ‘counting’ (and in doing so becoming more aware) and the actual ‘litter picking’ (as a resolve for this huge and annoying problem).
    Great post!

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