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Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA

It is I!The generous god of know-it-all-ness. The veritable fountain of wisdom of blogging proficiency. Or just that weird chick that keeps posting things that you somehow end up reading because they end up in your feed. Take your pick. HOWEVERI was always taught that sharing is caring, so when I found myself clicking theContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA”

Music on the brain

A lot of the time I manage to convince myself that I’m a normal functioning human being. One of the great big pool of the many. A unique being in a world where everyone’s unique, so not really unique at all, but still unique at being unique. Sometimes, though, I find myself noticing things aboutContinue reading “Music on the brain”

Wardrobe Mystery

There’s a mystery that lives in my dressing room. I say dressing room – but that’s actually just a fancy word for the spare bedroom that is home to my two huge wardrobes and the bed/couch-creation that contains all of the laundry-I-didn’t-yet-fold. Foldin’ laundy is the fucking worst of the entire world of chores imho.Continue reading “Wardrobe Mystery”

Tingle me!

Sometimes I get a little nostalgic. Especially when I wake up from the strangest dream where I somehow ended up in Termina (the world from Zelda: Majora’s Mask), embarking on an adventure with Tingle and all sorts of other crazy things (I’m not saying there was an orgie in a fairy fountain…but…you know…there was). MADNESS!Continue reading “Tingle me!”

Resolutionizing – January

As you may or may not remember – last year I made the pledge to revolutionize making resolutions by going up, up up and OVER the top in making ALL of them. All of that in hopes of managing to actually tick some off before the end of a (hopefully less disastrous) 2021. And seeingContinue reading “Resolutionizing – January”