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When I say it is different..
When I say it is new..
When I say pasts are over...
Will you see my words true?

Because I know that I mean them..
Because I know that they're real...
Because I know they say much less...
Than what I really feel..

But will you allow me to be scared...
And will you allow me to wait...
For something that I have no doubt...
Will end up being great...?

Because committing is scary...
And surrender means fear...
But all I'll ever need to know..
Is that when I need you...
You'll be here.


25 thoughts on “New

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    Love Is
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    Oh My God Wow
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    oF A Dance 🐝
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    Of Wings to
    See Do Birds

    Even “Feel” ‘These

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    Bees 🐝 Tweet 🐦

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    Break All the Tweeter Rules

    Still Bee 🐝 i Am


  2. When you say the word “different”,
    And when you express that it is new,
    What ever it is that is over,
    Your friends will see you through.

    We do believe you mean them,
    We have read your words before,
    We know they say much less,
    We know you feel much more.

    We are family through this medium,
    Some know you better than others.
    The girls, consider your sisters,
    The guys, we are your brothers.

    That’s something we do not doubt,
    Your work will always be great.
    We see you going through pain,
    In time, you’ll get past this state.

    Agreed, commitment can be scary,
    In surrender you bare your soul.
    Your friends and family will support you,
    Healing must be you goal.

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  3. Been a week if surprises,
    shuffling through versions of myself like a deck of cards

    and missing all the best bits if I don’t spend some quality time with the jagged ones.


    What you said.

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  4. Not ‘my’ thinking, but beautifully written:

    “Because committing is scary…
    And surrender means fear”

    I had to re-Read it a couple of times to ‘feel’, to ‘sync’ with the feeling I assume you’d experience.


    Stopped the clock 🕰

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