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You built me a bench once
Wood as black as my soul
It used to remind me
Of a time I was whole.
It fell right apart though
Straight from the start
And seeing it in pieces
Was ever so hard
Until I suddenly realized
That like you and me
This bench in my garden
Was never meant to be.
With pieces that crumble
That break and that bend
It could never fulfill the purpose
I had hoped and had meant
For it to take in my life
In my house and my heart
much like us
that bench....
Is only falling apart.

12 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. This comment isn’t related specifically to this post, but I wanted to share a funny coincidence which I npticed recently… the taglines on our blogs! When I came up with mine, it was after yours, but I didn’t intentionally copy you. It was only later when I realised how similar our taglines were. So I guess I love your blog so much that it’s influencing my unconscious mind!

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