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To be nice.

Riddle me this:


And more importantly, how do they make it look so effortless. Because I. Don’t. Get. It.

Earlier this morning I cancelled a meeting because I had to go pick up my new (27 inch!!!) monitor (size does matter, people – this badboy displays 4 Word pages on one screen at 100% instead of my regular one) at one of our offices. I was already impressed with my actual cancelling WITH reason of this meeting but then I got outshone by the colleague whose meeting it was (because often times I’ll just use the ‘cancel and send no response’ option).

Because this man actually sent me an app message on my way there to drive safe and take care of myself because there’s a code red for the roads (icy icy icy). It made me go awwww.
And then it made me go ‘I wish I was more like that’.
It was so fitting too, because I’d actually been worrying about driving to the office because of that very same reason. Unnecessarily so, it turned out, because there was 0 slipperyness on the roads in the end, but still. The news said it might be dangerous.
But to have a colleague take that into consideration and ask me after it, is just. Next level nice.

I mean – I ACTUALLY plan items in my agenda in order to remind me to check up with friends and the basics of showing unprompted interest seem lost on me, sadly, though I do work to compensate. Honestly, I’ll go visit my grandparents and my grandmother will always ask me to give her a call when I make it home safe and most of the time I full-on forget even that simple request loooong before the end of the 90 minute drive home. It’s just not in my nature to be attentive at that level, even though I think it’s such a lovely and attractive quality in people.

Same goes for the friend who I’d told about todays monitor-pickup last Thursday (I think, BECAUSE I DIDN’T REMEMBER EVEN TELLING THEM) who sent me a message wishing me good luck at the pickup this morning. Because they not only recalled that I was headed to the office, but wanted to wish me well on my way. Without me re-telling them. Mind. Blown.

Brains. They freak me out, what, with their working all differently for all the different kinds of people.
Freak. Me. Out.

32 thoughts on “To be nice.

  1. Those are the same people who always know what presents to give to which people. When I have to give someone a present, I can never think of anything, and usually end up giving something totally inappropriate.

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  2. This genuine niceness is something that some people possess. I generally get very awkward when I’m around people and then the straight face just causes all the niceness in my voice turn rude.😬
    Btw great post☆


  3. Kindness is an instinct and a natural condition. If you’re not a kind person it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. That’s a very important distinction, further if you’re not a nice person but try to act like one it becomes disingenuous. You do you.

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  4. Reminds me of my repeatedly trying to be nice and making a funny compliment. Nothing but a glazed look in return. My niceness sucks. And my humour, so it seems. But I am nice, really. They just don’t know it.

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  5. I’ve found that often the kindest people are those who have been through the most pain. They know how bad life can suck at times, and it seems to (usually) make them behave kinder to others. Apart from me of course – I’m just an asshole. 😉

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  6. Being nice is just simply a choice of where one puts their focus, or more specifically how they choose to interpret things around them. When the world is seen as a conspiracy against one’s self, it’s going to poison one’s mood. When one chooses to not let the world impact their peace of mind, they get the opposite.

    Happiness comes from within, BUT it and misery attract company. Nothing metaphysical about it. Happy people want to be around others like them, and miserable, angry people gravitate towards similar mindsets to commiserate.

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      1. Varying viewpoints are what expand an open mind. 🙂 My reply was not looking down on you either. I offered it because I think you want something different and are reasonably open minded.

        I think I should have said not being angry, etc… is the choice. Happiness slowly follows as a result of the choice. It’s how Viktor Frankl and many others endured concentration camps.

        FWIW, I used to have an opposite mindset. I finally got tired of giving away control of my life to others though. Change here took a MASSIVE amount of work. There are still days I wish I could pull a Thanos too, but I keep at it.

        OK, enough rambling, I’ll shut up now, LOL.


  7. Science Shows
    At Least Those
    Who Are Able

    To FeeL iT

    One Kind Act
    Of Niceness Yes
    Altruism With No

    Expect Of
    Return Of

    Reward Brings
    Months Of Happier
    Being Yet It’s True



    And Social

    Contagion is Bathed
    First In Oxytocin As Yes

    Giving Being

    So Dam Nice

    Brings All The
    Warm And Cozy
    Comfort Of A Cat


    On A Lap

    Yes to Get Out
    And About to
    Spread Niceness

    Puppy Dog Sweet
    Wagging Tales And
    All Love Sold Free


    Fun Chances
    May Be the
    Fuel May
    Not Drive
    A Nicer Car 🚙

    To Get Out And


    To Pet A Human Free 🚗

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  8. I know, right? I’m so much like you in that respect! (you’re not a Virgo, by any chance? 😉 ) I’m not a mean person, and I’ll gladly help if somebody specifically asks for help, but I’m not a thoughtful, kind person. Eeeeekkkk….

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  9. “Because they not only recalled that I was headed to the office, but wanted to wish me well on my way. Without me re-telling them. Mind. Blown.”

    “Brains. They freak me out, what, with their working all differently for all the different kinds of people.”

    I totally get you! Some people seem to just have a built-in calendar and reminder system! Not having this system can make you look inattentive for sure, separately to your actual levels of attentiveness. It’s super difficult when people don’t appreciate the difference and try to hold it against you, which can happen with neurodiversity :(.

    Anyway I found that I became more proactively attentive to people over time. I am sure that busyness is a factor though, because when you have limited downtime to squeeze everything in, you can’t hold in mind everything that you could use that time for 😆.

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      1. Definitely not, haha, I’m in a team of colleagues who’re more in the ages of my dad, than a Jim 😉
        (not saying they might not be into younger playthings, but definitely not assuming that was the case here)

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