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Puns make me happy.
Insanely happy even. Same goes for dad jokes. And dark humor. And those blooper reels we used to watch every night at 7 when America’s Funniest Home Videos was still a thing back in the ‘00s. But puns make me the happiest of all of those.

Witty plays on words trigger something in my brain that just makes me smile a bit wider than usual. Snicker a bit more. Giggle a bit harder. They’re sort of magical in a world that lacks the real deal. So when the topic of a Disney/Pixar Pubquiz came up in a group-app, with an additional request for team-name suggestions – I was in heaven, obviously.

Disney has a lot of punny potential, as it turns out.
I had to physically restrain myself from replying at some point by placing my phone out of reach. But I couldn’t withhold my suggestions from all of you lovely folk out there. If it were up to me we’d be:
* Team DON’T Let it go
* Team ‘You’re Welcome’ (obviously done in a The Rock voice)
* Alice’s Tea Party Squad
* Team Hei Hei

Which are all fine suggestions until my brain simmered and boiled and plop. There is was.
The Walt Quizzneys.

Done deal. Game Over.

But then we got to Starwars themed names (because hey, technically that IS Disney now). And when the Obi-Wan-Quizznobis failed to pull in votes I decided I would probably be better of playing Bingo anyway. Just so I could walk in there and introduce myself to everyone as Jar-Jar Bingo.

One thing is for sure. I’m going to be the one to roar out ‘WRONG ANSWER, CRONK!’ every time someone gets something wronk.

Ps. For those of you wondering why there’s pushpins as a featured image?
They’re called PUN-aises in Dutch. BOOM.

Tack-y, right?
God, I’m slaying it.

18 thoughts on “Puntastic!

  1. Nothing Less
    Funner Than
    A Punner In




    Hell By The
    Way Black Velvet





    ‘Fore Ya Die
    Just Die To



    Satin Sheets

    Of Bliss Hehe


    “i Could
    Paint A Clown
    Face on A Mona







    A Six Inch


    To Be
    Clear i
    Moaned Screen

    With A Soft

    Touch Screen
    Sadly Not


    Responsive AHa ha🙏

    Versatile Environments

    Globe Wide




    Poetry Just

    Dying to


    Around Again Hehe 😜


  2. One person’s “Dad’ jokes” is another person’s “Mom jokes”. I love puns too! I also burned my Valentine yesterday. Was I supposed to take the day off? My husband apologized to the dog for being slow about putting on his boots to take her for a walk and I said, “It’s okay, at least your mom thinks your special.” This was actually a double burn, because we’ll have met 20yrs ago as of 02/16 and when we met. I thought he was a little “slow” but my friend/his coworker assured me, he’s really quite brilliant actually. He just sucks at talking to other humans and with that, I could relate. Whenever I went to a party at someone’s house I would spend most of the time talking to the pets, assuming there was a pet in the house. Otherwise, “I was just stopping by.”

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  3. Phonetically pronounced as ‘PUN-asses’? 😉

    So you love puns? (Da) Kwizz-K-Nie

    Loved the Obi-ONE though! 😄


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