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Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA

It is I!
The generous god of know-it-all-ness. The veritable fountain of wisdom of blogging proficiency. Or just that weird chick that keeps posting things that you somehow end up reading because they end up in your feed. Take your pick.

I was always taught that sharing is caring, so when I found myself clicking the umpteenth dead link in my WordPress overviews – I sensed it was time to share. Because when it comes to gravatar (or other WordPress accounts) wisdom, this is THE opportunity for me to kill two birds with one good tip:

Please, for the love of all that is holy – fix the links in your (gravatar) overviews. At least if you care even in the slightest for people actually visiting your website in response to you visiting theirs. (Or even if you don’t, pure for website hygienics).

When it comes to the blogs I follow: I do so because these people publish content my eyes and brains appreciate. I DO however, click through to the websites of the loyal patrons of my humble pagey on the regular. IF I CAN.
Now, it is no secret that I love the follower number on my website. But I’m not the person who blindly follows-for-a-follow, and I never will be – it saddens me when I face these dead links. Because I know how happy the risin’ number of readers makes me, personally. The more the merrier. Really. So to me, it feels like a crime to not have this shit in order when you’re an avid blogger with that same purpose of internetfame.

Sadly – the number one ‘traffic basic’ of blogging is something that a bunch of people in my list haven’t really gotten down yet. Which means that people who, like myself, browse to pages through the ‘likes‘ overview on their own post – get lost.
You see – when it comes to connecting your blog to a gravatar account or some such thing – it’s important to make sure that that shizzle works properly. Because if your username doesn’t take me to your (wordpress-reader-proof) blog overview like so:

I disappear.

I mean – sure, there’s people who DO have their link connected to their profile, but not in the way that it generates this overview. They’re the blogs where you’re taken through to their homepage instead, which, in the books of lazy browsers like myself, is at least 2 clicks more than I’m generally willing to invest (because then I have to adjust my eyes to their lay-out, find the blog overview AND the latest entry I’d be interested in reading there, instead of in the nifty one-pager on WordPress).

I suppose other users might not mind this as much, but in my case you’re losing a reader on that round of clicks.

Even worse are the ‘empty‘ responders that I KNOW have blogs of their own. Come on folks – I wanna cyberstalk your blogs just as much as you’re reading mine!
But if your name in that overview is just a profile picture and a name? I ain’t going to find ya out there. I just won’t. If I can’t click – I can’t be bothered. That’s just the way of life.

So, in an effort of civil duty – I made a short list of the names I see appear in my ‘likes‘ lists on the regular. Folks who I can’t easily return-click to since their profiles aren’t linked in the way that WordPress understands. Or at least, not always.

There’s a few different locations in which your profile might show up when you like a post when people are viewing their notifications from the WordPress app:
There’s the short (app) list of the last 10 likes, and this is usually where your link doesn’t link correctly…you’re not directed to where you need to be. Looks like this:

(Easily recognizable in the full list as well, as the people who have the www. in front of their address). At the bottom of that short list is the full list after clicking on ‘View all likes for your post‘ – which takes you through to all the likers. Oftentimes the provided link WILL generate the correct overview here (but not always)

Outside of the fact that these marvelous people obviously have great taste in blogs since they’re reading mine: theirs could use a tweak, because their profile linkage is not optimized for reader convenience. And hey, maybe if you spot your name in there – this might be THE moment to fix something you may not even have known was broken.
Or the moment you start hating me for being the horrible type of person who points out flaws in others while being totally flawed herself. Yikes!

My blog-post-likers with no-return-policy:
– Amir (with no link attached)
– Chemrat (with no posts shown)
– Nemorino (with no link attached)
Onward & Upward (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Peckapalooza (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Raffaelopalandri (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Sarah Davis (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Jnllprz (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
O.D. (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
– Ambreen Agha (dead link)
Angelwander (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Chazz. (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Hare Krisna Singh (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
CaptainJaq (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
Amit Kumar (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
ConstantlyBeth (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
– Jadorebydesign (dead link)
Wortverloren (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)
– Joanna Murumba (dead link)
Lesley (links to the homepage, instead of an overview)

And these are just an easy couple picked from the last three posts I made. Most of whom I already follow, so still pick up from my reader overview, but yaknow…it’s still a waste in my humble opinion. Easy fix for maximum profit. Have at it, yee bloggards!

Ps. None of this blog is meant to shine negatively on these otherwise awesome blogs with great content. But should your name be up there and you hate me for it, shoot me a message, I’ll totes take it out.

Pps. Will update the list if I spot more, muahaha!

50 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – Clickitty PSA

    1. Tater, you are completely correct. I am a simple, humble cyberstalker who created a WordPress account to make it easier to read all of my favorite blogs…I occasionally comment, like often, but I don’t have much to say for myself.

      Zoewiezoe, I found your blog through Tater and have been enjoying your content very much!

      Liked by 5 people

  1. β€œThe generous god of know-it-all-ness. The veritable fountain of wisdom” (the Chick)

    Holy CR8P

    Thought That

    Was A Parody

    Yet i Have

    No Chick

    Yet Seriously

    Some Dudes Have

    Dedicated Entire

    Blog Posts


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    Blog Posts


    i Go Beat



    Yet See

    It’s All


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    Later HeheπŸ€ͺ


  2. Okay, this might be why my sister is the only one reading my blog? I’ve heard rumors about this gravatar thing but I thought it was an urban legend? What the hell? How do we fix it if we’re broken? How will we know? C

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well Zoe. I am not the most educated of bloggers on WordPress that is for sure. I would appreciate any help I can get from anyone. I love the way some break down their posts into categories and even have a roll menu choice. I love that. But , again, the knowledge is not all there. Thanks in advance.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Asking always helps!
      If you formulate concrete questions (as a blog, or in comments or through a contact form) you’ll get your answers quite quickly, I think.
      But just being open to input will yield very little results, most people are very hesitant in offering up advice on the fly.


    1. Lol. Totally agree. You follow someone if you want to read what they write, and un-follow if you don’t. I’m totally fine with people unfollowing me if my blog is no longer useful to them, too. Sympathy likes or follows aren’t necessary! In general there’s a strong ‘follower-mining’ culture on all social media platforms, which is just…dystopian to me. And desperate πŸ˜†.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. To a lot of people that’s actually exactly how it works, I think.
        All they need to get their money is a follower number to convince companies to send them freebies or request paid reviews etc. Numbers do matter, especially if you blog professionally.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahaha – that’s an awesome deduction!
        I think it’s more of a generic blogprofile – cause it also connects to other domains than just WordPress and such. But you’re fine! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Well I’m not on the list so that’s a good thing right? I hope so! And I hope mine is set up correctly because I’m old and technology is exhausting and WordPress can sometimes be exhausting! lol I’m just pretty much exhausted of everything right now…:-) I do love to read your Blogs

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Now you have me paranoid of how mine shows up!!!! Uh-oh . . . Ha, ha. Thanks for the public service announcement. I go back and forth, I watch my number of followers and hit counts, but then there are times, when I’m truly honest with myself, and realize that I would still write whether I had one reader or thousands. I don’t know how it happened, but my blog has become second-nature, like breathing. I need it to get the thoughts that are jumbled in my brain out and down on paper (er, the blogosphere.) I need it to keep my sanity. Of course, the readers make it incredibly worthwhile too. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I feel called out ahaha.
    In all seriousness, I’ve managed to fix this, but only after one of my followers let me know. It happened to me because I had a blog a few years ago, removed that and made the blog I had now. I didn’t update my gravatar, which meant it was still linking to my old blog. Very easy to do haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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