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The End

The final wish’s been spoken,
The final word’s been said,
The final die’s been cast,
Now all that’s left’s regret.

So I’ll just blast this on repeat,
Until I believe those words,
Because when all is said and done,
Only real love really hurts.

24 thoughts on “The End

  1. I’m more and more prone to believe that REAL love doesn’t hurt at all.

    An unevenly balanced ‘LOVE’ in which you (in my case ‘I’) REALLY believe(d) might very well hurt you.

    Perhaps just my point of view? Anyone?

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  2. Beautifully written and so true … just waiting for time to do its healing thing. Coincidentally, and not quite the same, a year ago I closed my previous blog of 11+ years … so at this time, I was probably in tears responding to someone’s comment. Also, coincidentally, the music in the background is one of the songs on that last post. But a year later, I can smile on that day.


  3. The penguins of doom are coming to hug you.


    When I was stinging from the aftermath of something real enough to leave a big smouldering wotsit in my soul, I ‘d have welcomed the penguins of doom, had I known they did a hug service.

    (My treat… I got you the fluffy flipper-mitten option so they won’t have to stretch their flippers to hug you).

    My work is done here.

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  4. Nah.. Never ‘The End’ Hehe Trust

    me or Not Only ‘The Beginning’…

    Oh the Emptiness Oh God the Pain
    Vague From Head to Toe Pit of Soul

    Yet Love Left From Requited

    Makes Excellent

    Muse for Art/


    So Next Time

    You Think of ‘Him’

    Just Sing Drive The

    Knife in my Gut More

    Oh Sweetly Freshly




    For Words

    FLoWinG Honey…

    Yet Honestly Poet’s/Artist’s Are

    Gifted Like No Other to Regulate

    Emotions Integrate Senses Yes After

    Greatest Tears ‘After the Love is Gone’ by

    ‘EWF’ Or as They Dance Sing ‘Come What May’

    By “Moulin Rouge!” i Go Broke to Get Rich And Soak

    My Tears in as Much Grief As Possible Losing Love

    For i understand

    The Gift

    of Grief

    In Soothing

    Other Souls Who

    May Not Be Able to Love at

    All for As ‘They’ Dance and Sing

    ‘The Greatest Gift’ is to be Able to Love at All

    If You Hurt it’s Simple You Haven’t Lost ‘the Gift’

    Now Put it to Good Use as it’s only Nature’s Motivation

    to Put Your



    to Gift Another Love

    “Clarity” is One of my Favorite

    Songs by ‘Zedd’ as it Shows the Power

    of What Human Emotions Will ‘Breed’ Up and Down…

    Like A Match

    A Bonfire

    Much More

    Than only A Child

    Nuclear Energy A Roller

    Coaster of Love to Spread…

    Oh to Have A RoMaNTiC HeART

    Most Colorful ISM of Religion Indeed

    Yes Zoe Baby Keep Breathing You Are Just Living as Love Does Best…

    Not Sure What Song to Leave.. Nah.. ‘Come What May’ Reminds me of

    Two Cats Dying And My Mother Who Went to Her Death Bed on Valentine’s

    Day Unexpected in 2017.. Yeah the Other Two Beloved Cats on January 29th

    of 2019 And February 2nd 2016… Oh… ‘This Season’ And ‘After the Love is Gone’

    My First Love it

    Doesn’t make

    me even


    Now in Some

    Ways that’s Sad…

    Yet ‘Clarity’ always

    A Way Love Goes Up and Down

    Powerful Explosions Big Bangs New

    UniVerses Coming into Existence of Creativity still…

    True… Every Artist/Poet Needs A bit of ‘Clarity’ to Keep Niagara Falling Rising…

    And Then There are ‘Those Days of Applause’ Where All You Do Is Your Best to Hide hehe…

    And Not


    A Noise


    When a Meteor

    Strikes an Ocean

    And A Tsunami




    Globe of Love HAha

    It’s How Ya Tell A Story

    Best Ya Start Low End High

    With A Most Unexpected End A STaRT oF all…

    Yes Zoe



    Advantage oF iT ALL..

    Yet Whatever You Do

    Always Love Never

    Lose A Feather’s Breath

    Always Be Wind Carrying HeART…

    Other than that this Just Another ‘James

    Bond Movie’ And A Dude KeePinG A Soul Alive…:)


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