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Do you ever play games on your mobile phone?

I bet you do. Just admit it. Everybody has a secret Candy Crush addiction, these days. Ain’t no hiding it.

But – regardless of whether you do or not – you’ve probably seen them: ads for games IN games. Win a level, move on to the next one and then BOOMMM, you get hit with an ad for pretty much the exact same game you’re already playing. Which already sucks. But then. THEN. THEN to TOP IT ALL OFF:

All of the ads for these games have one game in common:
They’re evil.

Maybe you’ve never noticed – and maybe you have, but most of these ads play into one huge human flaw: the need to be better than anything or anyone else. These ads don’t show off pretty graphics. They don’t resemble the actual gameplay. They don’t tell you how the game works or why it’s awesome. Nope. What they DO do – is show a clip of an invisible person playing the game. BADLY.

Each and every time you sit there watching while someone misses the FUCKING OBVIOUS correct answer. Or messes up the sequence. You see them kill the poor little fishy in a tube with muddy water, while the fresh water is just one click away. Or see them pit a level 2 soldier thingy against a lvl 12 monster and get wiped. And while at first my frustration levels rose every time this person fudged up even the simplest tasks and questions – I very quickly switched to outrage.

Because it took me probably a bit too long to realize that that’s exactly what they’re going for. Inspiring you to feel like ‘I can TOTALLY do that BETTER’ is precisely what they’re hoping to achieve.

You see, we humans tend to be very driven to show the rest of the world how awesome we are. Always craving to be succesful. To be the best. To win. So when these ads show us that we are deeeefinitely going to be better than the poor ‘soul’ playing the demo – it brainwashes us to actually want to. And SHABLAM – you suddenly find yourself installing the 50th game on your phone that’s pretty much the damn same as the previous 49. They win.

It’s pretty much the same concept as negging, one of the fuckboi dating hypes. Insult the person you’re talking to (only slightly) so they feel the need to defend themselves and suddenly want to work to gain your approval. No longer working on their own checklist – but making sure they tick all the boxes on yours because they WANT to feel wanted. It’s flippin’ mindgames.

Mindgames that I hate, because I’m way too damn susceptible to them.

Which is why they work. And why gamecompanies keep using them. And why Tinderfuckbois are so succesful. And why the world keeps turning.

I’m not saying this knowledge will change anything in my life. But yaknow. ‘Een gewaarschuwd man telt voor twee’. I hope.

15 thoughts on “Bamboozled

  1. Many games i have played on my phone and pretty much all was uninstalled within the first week of playing them, to be honest with you the only game i have not deleted yet is ninja creed, the game is basically an assassin that uses bow and arrows for the weapon of choice, but i know exactly what you mean my friend


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  3. LOL! I’m so bad at games, I didn’t even realize the people in the ads were playing badly…now I know 🙂 Thanks.


  4. Yes, some games are just complete time sucks. I finished all of Happy Glass (only because they promised new levels and then haven’t delivered), and I have done way too many levels of Wordscapes. I also have too many “friends” on Words with Friends. Then suddenly, without warning, I got sucked into Crush Rings. When I got a high score and ultimately lost, I thought a) I’ll never get it that high again so I should quit now b) I can beat that.
    You know which one I chose–I am now at an even higher score.

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  5. I always find myself yelling at the invisible dumbass who removes the wrong pole 🤬. It is so obvious. Why can’t they see it? They never learn from their mistakes either. Nooooo, they pick the same pole a hour later. 😂.
    Have a great weekend 🤗

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  6. I play the odd game on my phone or IPad, when I get those so very long ads coming on, they feel like they are on there forever……..I keep a book next to me and I pick that up and read a couple of pages and then Shazam! the ad is done and gone. I have no patience for ads or commercials on TV lol

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