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Resolutionizing – January

As you may or may not remember – last year I made the pledge to revolutionize making resolutions by going up, up up and OVER the top in making ALL of them. All of that in hopes of managing to actually tick some off before the end of a (hopefully less disastrous) 2021. And seeing as one of the resolutions on said list was to make a monthly update post tracking the progress of my resolutionizing journey – Voila!
One down. 11 to go!

Outside of commenting on the ones I feel need some backstory – I am going to keep it simple: Green are the resolutions I’ve (already) checked off the list. Fingers crossed you’re going to scroll and find some greens, right?!
Orange are the ones I’ve totally started on, attempted, am working on or have otherwise made some progress on. The unmarked ones…well. They shall not be mentioned. Until they’re mentioned. If they’re ever mentioned. Who knows!
And red. Well. Red are the ones that I’ve already failed. In month one. BUT (there’s always a BUT) will probably still be (re-)attempting for the remainder of the year ;).

ONWARDS – to full green! (Who am I kidding)


  • Land (at least) 5 >10m. deals successfully.
    Waiting on the decisional news for deal number 1, and working on two others. A start has been made!
  • Get three additional certificates on relevant topics OR
  • Follow six non-certificate-yielding relevant work courses.
    (Currently enrolled in five courses, the first of which starts tomorrow)
  • Do whatever is necessary (and actively check this with management) to get the needed functional grade for the 175% bonus in 2022.
    Pretty much ties in to my success on item number one of this list, so that’s pretty damn easy.
  • Wear a costume in a Teams-call on Carnaval. And Christmas. And possibly Easter (I’d totally look awesome in bunny ears).
  • Donate the 2021 Christmas package to charity.
  • Don’t get a burnout. Or fired. Or in a fight with colleagues for no other reasons than them sucking (luckily, so far, all of them are pretty damn awesome).
    Work has been good this month – really really good! But looking at my agenda and the coming weeks with the coming deals – buckle up, we’re going for a wild ride!
  • Start writing a book. Or collect blogs to add into a column-bundle. Or do something anything whateverything to get published work in book-form out into the world.
    Yes. Erotica counts. Totally. Get yourself hired at Harlequin or summin’


  • Keep. Blogging. In. 2021. (as in: the entire year!)
  • Write (at least) 200 posts
    25 down – 175 to go!
  • Find a way to ALSO make sure old content gets some luvvin’ every now and then.
  • Get to 5.000 followers. Yes. Really. Gotta be ambitious, right?
    Currently at 1935 – so that’s a long ass way to go still, Yikes!
  • Get to 500 unique visitors in 1 day at least once.
    Not even close yet – highest I’ve hit is 273 (I think)
  • Make a person laugh hysterically with a post. Or cry. Either works.
    If comments are to be believed: SUCCESS. Yay. I truly do revel in the knowledge that my words might actually affect someone to this extent. MOAR, MOAR!
  • Do a monthly Resolutionized-update so I don’t ‘forget‘ that I’m supposed to be doing this.
    I should give myself stickers, or something!


  • Fuck dating altogether for the entire year and take a Zoรซ-year OR
  • Do NOT ‘date’ any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags EVER again.
    AND (if I do end up dating)
  • No beards. Seriously. Just. No negotiating – no beards.
  • Stop downdating AND/OR downplaying myself just to appear acceptable and not-be-lonely.
  • Stop settling for soul-crushing limitations or demands and instead go for compromise-less loving.
  • Don’t opt for an imaginary boyfriend for lack of actual people potential. Pillows do not count.
  • Don’t drunk-booty-call any of the old-stale-already-done-douchebags. Really. Don’t be that girl.
    In my defense: two of these apped me first (apparently January is ‘black book month’ or summin’, I got like 4 blasts from the pasts suddenly show up. And then there was alcohol. AND I didn’t go through with actually meeting either. But com’on. It’s been over 4 months. Gimme a break. This. One. Is. Tough.


  • Make a new (group of) friends that DON’T all live at least an hour away.
  • Spend more time with the far-away-bunch of friends.
    Awww yissss – even with the country being in lockdown, there’s been some lovely fun weekends and virtual game-nights so far!
  • See actual people IN PERSON at least once a month. No hermitting.
  • Write a letter to a friend telling them how much they mean to me. Try not to include swearwords too much.
  • Post something non-selfie-related to Instagram every now and again.
    Did a few on those Insta-stories things WITHOUT it being a selfie. I say this counts as progress. Right?
  • Host a dinnerparty and actually COOK.
    No. Making someone else do the cooking doesn’t count. Even if you cut the onions.
  • Do something wine-knowledge related (a workshop, or tasting or high wine) so you’re not just downing bottles but actually know something about their contents.
  • Do NOT. I repeat: do NOT install Snapchat. Or Pinterest. Ever. AND
    AND – there’s been 0 temptation. So yeah. Booyah.
  • Do not start Tiktokking. In any way, shape or form. You’re too old Zoรซ. Really. You are. Resist the temptation.
    Still just using it to watch silly dancey videos and puppies. And hot men. Also dancing. I sense a theme.


  • No more alcohol (during weekdays, and in the weekends only when in company).
    Yeah…that was a bust this month. Something with exes circumventing three ip-blocks to STILL comment on a blog where they’re not wanted (how are you supposed to get over someone that just…won’t…disappear?), getting ghosted by an actually great-seeming guy AFTER already making it through two nice dates (that’s a first for me, ghosting wise!), and just general mayhem with an additional lockdown level and curfew and worldly drama. Rematch next month!
  • Lose an additional 9.1 kilos to finally end up at a healthy 22.6 BMI.
    Wasn’t the epic headstart I was planning on, but the scales are still down 1,2 kilos, so hey, it’s progress!
  • Get a ton of exercise. Or at least – a bunch. Or you know – try to go walking for an hour at least once a week.
    I am actually deeply ashamed by how fucking little I did this month. There’s a real risk of me melting together with my couch. I’d counted on softbal starting again but then the lockdown hit and youknow. Blah. Holy hell, if we ever DO get to start playing again – I’m going to die in training 1. Seriously.
  • Get my account balance/savings up to that number I internally discussed and at least stop spending fortunes on Thuisbezorgd.
    Honestly – this is going better than expected. Although, I did order in 8 times over January (and then here’s me wondering why I ain’t losing weight, right?) Better luck next month, I say!
  • Don’t start smoking. Or get 12 cats. Or take up skydiving. Or become a vegan. Seriously. Don’t.
    So far so good! I have good hopes for this one >:)
  • Actually finish watching Arrow.
    It’s pure torture still, BUT I’m getting there! Started the year at 132 episodes to watch. Down to 89 now! I’LL MAKE IT!
  • Keep the Christmas tree up year round. IT’S HAPPENING! Gotta make it to August!
    And it still makes me deliriously happy cause it looks so cute.
  • Learn a new language
    (or yaknow, get my Spanish up to a decent level seeing as the whole world’ll speak it at some point, apparently)
  • Play Zelda Breath of the Wild. Whether it’s at a friends or whether I manage to convince myself that I deserve a Switch. It must be played.

I mean – we’ve only just conquered January, so realistically speaking – I’m not even doing TOO shabby. Especially when you compare me to the rest of the dweebs messing up (their and other peoples) lives out there!
And there’s enough time left to still make a whole bunch of those orange ones green (December is going to be a delicious month for coloring, when I finally get to finalize whether they’re green or not!).

Sure, the fact that there’s already a hefty amount of red in that list is disheartening but then again, I know myself and my self-discipline so that was honestly to be expected. PLUS I’m all for second (and third, and fourth and fifth) chances. February’s list is going to look even better. I can just feel it!

Room for improvement BUT hey, there’s definitely things to celebrate as well!

26 thoughts on “Resolutionizing – January

  1. Hehe i Get the
    Length Of Your
    Resolution just



    God i Live (Love) That

    Song By The Beatles

    Mine 56 Thousand

    Words Long A Few



    To Soul

    Photos Touching

    me Yawn Could (Will)


    It All

    Naked Complete
    Forever Now

    A Beach

    i Am Yawn

    i Dance(d)

    Most oF iT

    With only



    10 Is Too Easy

    For A Symphony

    An Orchestra


    Water Wave
    Ocean All SaMe๐ŸŒŸWind ๐Ÿ’จ

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Holy crap, That’s a lotta resolutions! You can do it though! I feel like just by writing them all down you are halfway there. And yes I think you should do the rabbit ears ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel so unworthy… I made only one resolution… to ensure I participate in Beertail hour every evening before dinner but Hey I got that one nailed down!

    Liked by 4 people

  3. I see we have some goals in common especially in the work-o-lutions area. I can’t afford another burnout and I’m already avoiding certain people for the sake of avoiding confrontation. LOL! Having a list like this reminds me of the quote, “Reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” With that quote in mind and “o-lutions” like this, 2021 is bound to be a year of success.

    Liked by 3 people

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