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Getting my Hagrid on

There’s never a week where I don’t at least have one or two ‘Hagrid moments’. Now, I reference Hagrid not only because I’m a Harry Potter fanatic, but also because he’s probably my fantasy-world spirit animal. Too clumsy. Too blunt. Too naïve and just a friggin’ expert at doing and saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Blundering through life while enjoying it regardless. C’est moi. When you always find the light even in the darkest of situations and can find joy in the little things – you’re effectively Hagridding. But that also means you’d sometimes better keep silent a bit more.

So I regularly find myself internally screaming ‘Should not have said that. I should NOT have said that!’ at myself. This usually happens in Teams meetings at work – where I manage to blurt out my thoughts and opinions at any given moment (because I very much like my own thinking and conclusions and…well…hearing myself speak). Ain’t no shame in loving yourself that way – usually.

Unless the voiced opinions are flawed. Or incomplete. Or uncalled for. Maybe even inappropriate. Or even worse: the cause of a lot more work on your own plate. Yet somehow, every time me opening my mouth backfires – I seem to learn very little from said occassions. It’s like I can’t help myself. I speak before thinking, it’s a handicap that’s always haunted me. No matter how hard I try and no matter how much I keep reminding myself that taking a second to think is BETTER, my mouth races faster than my humility. Fucker.

This week I registered for 5 new work-courses in order to improve my super-professionalisticisiscm. Sadly, none of them are to teach me how to shut up at the right times. I wonder if one of those exists. I mean, I’ve already taken a boatload of softskills courses but even though I’ve supposedly learned ‘effective communicating’, ‘effective influencing’, ‘more effective communicating part 2’, situational leadership and a loooot of things about negotiation and conflictmanagement – I still lack any and all sense of propriety in ‘shutting the fuck up’. Guess some things just can’t be taught. Maybe wisdom comes with age, who knows!

16 thoughts on “Getting my Hagrid on

  1. Hehe
    Feel ‘Your
    Pain’ Always

    A Bit

    Surprised When
    i Am Not Trashed

    When i Get It All

    Out i Kid You

    Not Lions Roar

    i Sneeze Dancing
    Around The Neighborhood
    From The Opposite Side of

    Where i Live
    A Dude Walking
    Down His Drive
    Way Out of His
    Garage Exclaimed
    Bless You That is

    The Loudest
    Sneeze I’ve

    Ever Heard
    Before And the

    Next Door Neighbor
    Said She Heard It All the
    Way Around on The Other
    Side of The Block With


    Doors And
    Windows All
    Winter Sealed



    Yet Hehe

    My Sneeze

    Gets in



    On Christmas Night

    Yet iT Was The


    After HAha

    Never Ever on Time ⏰

    Oh Yeah And



    Hear me Roar 🦁

    All The Way in Holland 🐈

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  2. Zoe, great read. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. I never learned that reason either. I guess I got it from my mother who had no problem telling you when you were wrong. Thanks for the chuckle. Scott

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  3. I find it freaky how often people can get away with annoying the crap out of me at just the wrong time, simply by assessing the situation with one of those handily all-purpose truisms.
    I really hate a lot of them… so etimes for their sheer glibness, sometimes for just being annoying shite. But you can’t say anything in response because it’s “just an expression”…

    But here you are, coming up with something a bit off-the-wall… and there’s no remit for that, especially if it doesn’t fit the perceived wisdom you’re all standing in…

    so they just stare at you as though you’ve just landed from the wobbly cheese toastie planet with a flying hedgehog on your head.

    (Be useful for combing messy clouds before a sky party, a flying hedgehog…)


    Yeah… just gone soooooooo far beyond the “please, for the love of God, shut up now!” moment.

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  4. this guy was talking on NPR about writing and he said when there are “deficiencies” in your style (writing or communicating i guess) rather than try to run away from it cuz u never can, try to use it to ur advantage somehow. in this case you will need to think creatively! lol maybe say that you like to get ur first impressions out there and see where they take you. haha im kinda the opposite so idk!

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  5. “I speak before I think” … that’s me too. Literally … story of my life.

    And so, I also “manage to blurt out my thoughts and opinions at any given moment (because I very much like my own thinking and conclusions and…well…hearing myself speak).”

    And still it’s not just ‘vanity’ or proving something. In my case it’s also combined to two things:
    1. Thinking very fast and combining a Lot (and REAALLY a lot) of information
    2. Not getting a hold on all those thoughts: they’re like butterflies 🦋 and I have to ‘catch’ them by … speaking out loud.

    I’m ‘working’ on it (exploring it) with a professional. It’s fun (up til now) 😊

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