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Who are you?

As a word-lover – I was given an impossible task as a homework assignment yesterday. Literally, impossible. Not. Fucking. Doable.

Softskills courses have a tendency to get very floaty and hippie-esque at times. Especially when there’s roleplay scenarios involved. I can’t tell you how passionately I hate roleplay. Be it professionally or…winkwinknudgenudge….my acting skills are non-existent and harder to fake than most other things. I can’t do it. And I hate it.

But this course didn’t dive into dramatics. Or what-ifs. Nope. It quickly honed in on on something I’m surprisingly uncomfortable with: myself.

Describe yourself in ten words or less.

And I can’t.

No way, JosΓ©. There’s just. I MEAN. TEN words? That’s nothing. I can’t even order a meal in ten words or less, let alone capture my essence. Not that I am that complex of a person. I’m not. But ten words is just NOT A LOT.

So I can’t.

I’ve started and stopped around 20 times now. Tried powersentences and wordsummaries. Or combinations. But nothing really is…me.

I am more than ten words. However you look at it.

I fucking can’t. And I seriously doubt anyone could. While being happy with the description. IT’S NOT ENOUGH.

Who am I?

‘Someone that loves to be more than needed and demanded’.

There. That’s ten words right?

Yep. This assignment sucks.

44 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Think of it like an old school dating profile app. What do you want people to know about you in ten words or less. I don’t want everyone to know about me completely. I give far too much of myself away in my writing as it is. I would like people to hone in on a few things, though.

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  2. Love Love Love Love Love
    Love Love Love Love Love

    10 Words



    Who i Am Yet Yes

    If You Require 10





    Is Fine


    Over Form
    i Am Wings

    i Travel
    A Globe


    iFly With SMiles🐿

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  3. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    There are many ways I can describe myself in less than 10 words;

    “I am love”

    “I am who you think I am not”

    “I am sum of everyone I have been with”

    “I am fun, the rain, and then I am you too”

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  4. I always marvel at the fact that people can be so different (that is probably why I’ve always loved psychology) – to me 10 words is a lot! I would probably go with “or less”. Although the principal that I am more complex than 10 words, that I am more than 10 words holds true, the one thing I could never do is describe myself. But give them more than 10 words, what can they do about it?

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    1. And a challenge, which sort of makes it fun again. But you’re totally right. I’d have more luck writing a book to fit me than fitting that into 10 words πŸ˜†


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